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Befriending / Companionship

Befriending or companionship services provide opportunities for social interaction if you are feeling isolated. 

Try searching here on Staffordshire Connects for organisations who may be able to support you in your local area.

Why is befriending important?

Befriending gives you a link to the outside world and the things going on around you. 

At times of change, befriending can help reduce loneliness and improve your independence and wellbeing.

It is usually a voluntary arrangement between two people where someone gives their time to support you to make beneficial changes in your life.


Where else can I socialise / find companionship?

There are many support groups and organised activities in your local area to enable you to socialise with other people in similar situations.

Try searching here on Staffordshire Connects for things to do.

If you are unsure about joining a new group, try phoning beforehand and asking if there is someone who can welcome and introduce you to members. 

You could also take a friend or family member with you. 


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