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Help at Home

We all need a little bit of help sometimes be it with getting around, cleaning, preparing meals, personal care, DIY and gardening.

If you want to find an organisation in your area that can support you, try searching here on Staffordshire Connects.

There are a range of different organisations who can help you with personal and non personal needs. 

Just click on the menu below to find organisations and groups in your local area.

Where else can I find more information to help me?

Try searching our 'places to go and things to do' section for details of:

  • Activities, clubs and groups that meet in your local area
  • Lunch club providers
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Befriending schemes
  • A variety of support groups and organisations

The Staffordshire County Council website also has lots of information that may be useful to help you to live independently and do things for yourself for longer.

This may include looking at some gadgets and equipment that can help maintain your independence. It may also be about looking at ways to prevent falls in the home or support with getting out and about

Find support in your local area


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