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We all need a little bit of help sometimes be it with getting around, cleaning, preparing meals, personal care, DIY and gardening.

If you want to find an organisation in your area that can support you, try searching here on Staffordshire Connects.

There are a range of different organisations who can help you with personal and non personal needs. 

Just click on the menu below to find organisations and groups in your local area.

Please note: Some groups, services and activities may have changed how they operate. Please check websites, ring, email or contact the service via social media if you would like to find out what support is available.

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Where can I find 'places to go, activities and things to do'?

Try searching our 'Activities and Clubs ' section for details of:

  • Clubs and groups that meet in your local area
  • Lunch club providers
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Befriending schemes
  • A variety of support groups and organisations

The Staffordshire County Council website also has lots of information that may be useful to help you to live independently and do things for yourself for longer.


I am feeling lonely or isolated, what can I do?

If you are feeling lonely or isolated, lacking a bit of confidence or can't get out due to mobility reasons, you could try a befriending scheme. Befriending schemes can offer companionship and support to you or the person you care for.

Take a look at a list of befriending schemes here on Staffordshire Connects. Depending on your needs some may offer a regular phone call and others may involve a befriender coming to visit you regularly to enjoy a cup of tea and a chat together.

Community Help Points 

There are a number of community help points across the County that can signpost to  support groups.

Please see our list of Community Help Points to find one in your local area 

You can also search our 'activitieds and clubs' section for details of:

  • Activities, clubs and groups that meet in your local area
  • Lunch club providers
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • A variety of support groups and organisations


I need some help with transport / accessing places ?

Take a look the 'Travel and Transport' section section for details of:

  • A range of community transport schemes running in your local area
  • Mobility suppliers. There is a wide range of mobility equipment that you can hire or buy that can help you get out and about

There is also information about travelling by bus or train, and how to apply for a blue badge if you're disabled or have a health condition that affects your mobility.

The Help with Getting Out section also lists providers, such as personal assistants and charities, who are able to offer support with travel and getting out and about.  

Many home care agencies will also offer this type of assistance and many will also offer 'personal care' if they are registered with CQC to provide this type of care. 

Some home agencies will also help with household tasks such as housework, shopping, and paper work like paying bills, as well as offering you company / friendship at the same time.   

I need some help with personal care?

Here on Staffordshire Connects you can find Care agencies that can provide personal care in the home, and are inspected by CQC (the Care Quality Commission).

You could also consider employing a personal assistant.

If you like to find out if are eligible for funded care, please contact Staffordshire County Council

Many care agencies and personal assistants will also offer assistance with cleaning, shopping, preparing meals, gardening, accompanying you to appointments and social activities, support with paying bills and dealing with correspondence.

I need some support with housework / doing the shopping / DIY / gardening?

There are some organisations that can help you with household tasks such as shopping, housework, DIY and gardening. Some can help you with paper work / paying bills, as well as offering you company / friendship at the same time.

You may also want to consider online shopping, as many well known supermarkets offer home delivery options.

There are many places that offer support with using computers, such as your local library. 

Some organisations will also help you get to appointments, take you shopping and to social activities in your community. 

Many home care agencies will also offer help at home type of assistance and many will also offer 'personal care services' if they are registered with CQC to provide this type of care. 

I want some information and advice about later life?

Staffordshire Cares

Staffordshire County Councils 'Staffordshire Cares' team handle all adult social care enquires and can offer advice and guidance relating to later life matters including discussing options that help make later life at home more manageable.

Call 0300 111 8000 for information or email:

The Staffordshire County Council website also has information that you may find useful.  

Staffordshire Connects

If you want to find a local group, activity or event in your area to join, try searching here on Staffordshire Connects.   

Age Uk

If you need information and advice, you can contact the Age UK National Advice Line on 0800 678 1602. Lines are open 365 days a year from 8 am to 7 pm.

Age UK’s advice line is a free, confidential national phone service for older people, their families, friends, carers and professionals. Their team of expert advisers provide information and advice that covers every facet of later life, from helping people find out the benefits they are entitled to claim.

Independent Age

Independent Age can provide you and your family with clear, free and impartial advice on the issues that matter: care and support, money and benefits, health and mobility.

Call our freephone Helpline on 0800 319 6789 or chat with us using the web chat.

I need some help with sensory disabilities?

There are many support groups and organisations that can offer help and support.

For those who need assistance with communication if you have hearing and/or visual sensory loss, please see the Staffordshire County Council website. 

How do I apply for Blue Badge?

A Blue Badge can give you more accessible parking options, including using disabled parking spaces.

To apply for a Blue badge, please see the Staffordshire County Council website. 

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