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Advice and advocacy

Where can I get some advice?

There are a range of services and organisations across the county that can provide you with information and advice about housing, care, benefits, money, energy saving and general support.  

This includes  organisations like Age Uk and the Citizens Advice.

Both of these have local branches that you can access for support in your area as well as a national website that contains a lot of useful information.  

If you want to find a organisation in your area that can support you, try searching here on Staffordshire Connects.

Please note: Due to the coronavirus, some groups, services and activities may have changed how they operate. Please check websites, ring, email or contact the service via social media if you would like to find out what support is available.

Not listed? It's quick, easy and free to join.


How can I find out about advocacy services?

Advocates help people who are unable or have substantial difficulty saying what they want to say, and to help them be involved in discussions and decisions about their care and support.

Advocacy is about:

  • Making sure people have the information they need to make the right choices for them.
  • Supporting people to speak up and be heard.
  • Helping people to get the services and support they need and are entitled to.
  • Helping people to play a full part in their communities

Advocacy should help people to do more for themselves and make them less dependent on other people where possible.