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Learning, work and volunteering

Whether you are looking to learn something new, gain new skills, need help to find work, start your own business or you want to volunteer there is support for you here on Staffordshire Connects.

Just click on the menu below to find organisations and groups that help you in your local area.   

I am looking for learning opportunities?

The adult education service provides a range of courses and training such as health and safety, childcare, health and social care, catering. There are also more recreational courses such as art classes, writing groups, language and ICT classes.

There are classes for english as a second language (ESOL) and literacy and numeracy I support.

I am looking for support with accessing work?

When you are looking for a job there is a wide range of support available. This includes support with job searchs, wriitng CV’s, learning interview techniques, applying for jobs, how to apply for training and apprenticeships, work experience and in-work support.

The Job Centre Plus website an provide you with all the resources to you to find work. 

You can also telephone your local office and make an appointment or pop in and talk to someone face to face. 

I am looking for volunteering opportunities?

Volunteering allows you to get involved and make a difference in the county.

The UK’s national volunteering database, makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community.

There are also lots of organisations listed on Staffordshire Connects that provide volunteering opportunities. 

Just click on the menu below to get started.


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