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21.4.21 Education Banding Tool Steering Group Meeting


The following items were discussed at the meeting on 21st April 2021.  A copy of the full notes can be downloaded here.

Items discussed:

  • Welcome, Apologies & Introductions
  • Brief introduction to the Education Banding Tool & Project Lead update
  • Project Progress Update
  • Key Decisions
  • Review of Draft Benefits Realisation Plan
  • Project Risks & Issues
  • Items for next Agenda & Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting:

  • Monday 17/05/2021 3.00pm to 4.30pm 


  • Address the lack of a parent/carer representative, e.g. consider a change in the time of the Steering Group meeting to avoid school closing time
  • Send out revised Terms of Reference,  meeting slides and FACE Assessment with the minutes of the meeting to all attendees.

  • Share the link to the Education Banding Tool Survey to Schools for sharing with Further Education providers.

  • Add the FACE Assessments completed by schools to the Live CareCalc site, annotated to make it clear that they have been completed by schools and not SEND Keyworkers.

  • Agree wording of the risk raised in the discussion of Benefit B2, as regards the potential conflict between use of the Education Banding Tool and the SEND Strategy.

  • Look at measurement methods, baselines and targets for Benefit B5 to determine whether this is a valid measurable Benefit. Also look at whether the wording of the Benefit should be amended to mention greater confidence for Keyworkers in completing EHCPs.

  • Review the Project Risk and Issues in the meeting slides and provide any feedback.

  • Look at whether to include children and young people taking up ASD resource base places within a mainstream setting as a cohort in the Data Collection pilot and determine whether the funding is accurate.

  • Monitor Keyworker attendance at Steering Group given capacity constraints – doesn’t always have to be a super-user in attendance.

Meeting presentation slides

The presentation covered the following.  A copy of the slides can be downloaded here.

  • Aim of the project
  • Overview of Education Banding Tool
  • How it is proposed to work in Staffordshire
  • Key benefits
  • Project Governance
  • Project Lead Update
  • Project Progress and Next Steps
    • High Level Implementation Plan
    • Progress to date/Key Achievements
    • Key activities and deliverables planned for next period
  • Project Risks and Issues