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15.12.21 EBT Implementation Reference Group Meeting - Email Update

Email Sent by Lesley Calverley dated 14.12.21

Dear All 

As you are aware we have a meeting tomorrow at 4pm.  I would like to cancel this meeting and instead share with you an update on our activity since we last met on the 17th November.

We met with our Steering Group yesterday, (13th December), and the following was agreed:

  • the proposed EBT Training Plan for our SEND Key Workers, Family Practitioner Leads, Principle Officers and wider SCC staff who are involved with SEND, subject to it being updated to include our SENDIASS colleagues. This has been actioned. (Please see attached)
  • funding for Assessment/Early Intervention Placements in Special Schools will sit at Band Level 5b now that we have added sub levels from Band 5 upwards (a, b or c).  
  • the current financial years funding value will not be included within the EHCP. The rationale for this is the funding value would not be current when we move into a new financial year every April.  However, it was agreed we would share a document detailing the values for each financial year through the Local Offer and would ensure signposting for parent/carers through the Parent Carer Forum website and SENDIASS.  SEND Keyworkers would also be able to provide the values with parent/carers via email if requested.  We will also look into the viability of including the link for the Local Offer on the letter templates held in the EHC Hub. 

Since we last met in November we continue to:

  • Develop the draft processes and pathways – this has been challenging due to the Children’s Transformation which has meant all SEND process and pathways have been revisited. We are in the process of identifying where the EBT sits within the new system. We shared the draft proposed processes and pathways with you at the last meeting and we are awaiting senior management sign-off. 
  • Imosphere is in process of building SCC’s model for CareCalc in preparation for Go Live on the 1st February
  • Developing the quality assurance framework
  • Commenced the FE budget modelling now that we have completed the data collection/pupil needs profile for a further 55 pupils.  We aim to have a bespoke meeting with our local FE providers to share this analysis and next steps and will undertake a further consultation to all Education Providers on the proposals for their postponed Go Live date of June 2022

I wish you all a Happy Christmas