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2018 You said we did

You said: It would be helpful to have some symbols so we know which are Local Offer services and which are private? (October 2018)

A flash has been added to the top right hand corner of records to identify those that are:

  • Staffordshire County Council services or are commissioned by Staffordshire County Council,
  • are NHS funded services or commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Support Staffordshire voluntary organisations
  • Aiming high funded activities for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

You said: It would be useful to know whether a radar key is required or if there is a changing places toilet at venues (October 2018)

We did:  We have added this to our provider form so it can be easily identified on records.  As well as text, a symbol for a radar key and the changing places symbol will display on records as appropropriate.

You said: Would like an events calendar that you can filter by district (September 2018)

We did:  A calendar has been added to our places to go, things to do home page, which is searchable by district.

You said: We would like information on social care and day opportunities (May 2018)

We did: We have a new social care icon on our refreshed site and a directory just for day opportunities. 

You said: Could we have a map instead of postal locations or filter by districts? (April 2018)

We did: A map of services is now available.  These can also be filtered by district.

You said: Can we have a support group directory please? (April 2018)

We did: a support group and a local and national charity directory have been developed.

You said: We would like a directory on independent schools as well as maintained schools (April 2018)

We did:  a directory for independent schools, and specialist independent schools, has been developed.