Staffordshire EHC Hub - Parent/Carer Frequently Asked Questions

From September 2019 all new education health and care needs assessment requests will be processed through Staffordshire’s EHC Hub. Parents can request an EHC needs assessment via the EHC Hub or by submitting a parental request form.

The following Frequently Asked Questions are for Education Health and Care needs assessments requested on the EHC Hub.  A PDF version is available in our download section.

1. Do I have to use the EHC Hub?

Not if you do not wish to. Your views, contributions and all other available information and details of progress can be provided with the assistance of the SENCo in your child’s school or the co-ordinator within the local authority.

2. Do I need an account on the EHC Hub to request a needs assessment?

No, an account is not required. Once you’ve made a request, and provided you’ve given us your email address, the local authority will invite you to register an account to contribute further information and track progress of your request.

3. How do I request an EHC Needs Assessment on the Hub?

Open your internet browser and navigate to the EHC Hub and click on the "Request an EHC needs assessment" button.  This will direct you to the information pages at the end of which you will see a "Request an EHC needs assessment" button.  Complete the online form and click on "Continue Request".

4. What happens once I have submitted the request?

Your request will be processed on to the Hub.  You will receive an invitation to register on the Hub. This will be sent to the email address you supplied on your request form.  The Local Authority will request additional information from your child’s school/education provider.  They will also notify Health and Social Care that an EHC needs assessment has been requested for your child or young person.

5. How do I register?

You will receive an email with a link.  This will take you to the registration page on the internet.  Follow the onscreen instructions.

6. Will I receive updates on my child’s case?

Yes, you will receive an email whenever a stage is completed or you’re requested to provide information or views.

7. How do I manage my Hub account?

Within the Account Settings section you can manage your EHC Hub user account. You can change your profile information, your password and as well as manage the email addresses attached to your user account. To access this area of the hub, click the option on the EHC Hub menu. This will open the My Account screen.

8. How do I know my child’s data is secured safely?

The hub is secured by two factor authentication and offers the same level of protection as would be expected of online banking services. Access to any child’s details is by invitation only and controlled by the local authority. When viewing your child’s information you are able to see the names of all other parties that have been invited to view or contribute towards the case.

9. What is two factor authentication?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

10. What happens if I forget my password?

There is a link on the hub’s homepage to securely reset your password at any time.

11. How do I access the Hub after I have registered?

Once you have registered your account, next time you want to sign in to your account enter the following address into your internet browser "".

12. How do I contribute to an EHCP?

The ‘Assessment’ tab contains the information submitted to the local authority as part of the request for an EHC needs assessment. Here you can view and contribute to the EHC assessment for your child. There are two areas for you to record your views. "About Me" and "Parent/Carer Views” are multimedia spaces where you can type text, add photographs or short video clips. If the Local Authority decide to issue an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP), they will use this information to form Section A of the EHCP.

13. How do I comment on a Draft EHCP?

Comments can be added to the comments/views area by clicking the field, once you have finished click ‘Save Comment’. Information that has been recorded as part of the assessment can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the relevant section. Once you have completed adding comments to sections of the plan click ‘Finish Commenting’ to submit your comments to be considered as part of the EHC plan.

14. How do I know what should be happening next and by when?

Next steps and key dates are clearly displayed in the hub at all stages of the process.

15. If my child already has a plan, can we use the EHC Hub?

Yes. Your child’s plan will be reviewed using the hub so you can contribute and track progress.

16. Who should I contact if I have any questions about the EHC Hub?

Please contact our team via email or phone;  or 0300 111 8007 (option 2, then option 4).


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