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Hub Guidance - Account Registration and Accessing the Education Health and Care Hub.  A PDF version of the guidance, with screenshots, can be found in our download section.

A short video is also available to support your access to the EHC Hub.

Accessing the Hub

The following guidance details how to login to and access your account on the EHC Hub.

The Staffordshire County Council Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub can be accessed via this link.

For more information about the EHC Needs Assessment (ECHNA) process click "Request a needs assessment".  This will take you to a separate screen which tells you more about Education Health and Care Plans, with a link to request a needs assessment.

To reset your password, click the "Reset password" link and follow the on-screen instructions.

For help accessing the Hub please send an email to

Please also see Staffordshire's Local Offer which includes information about SEN and the EHC Needs Assessment process.

The remainder of this guidance assumes that you have been invited to register as a user on the EHC Hub.

For guidance on making a request for an EHC Needs Assessment on the Hub please see guidance sheet Hub Guidance - Parent Carer Requesting an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment.

EHC Hub sign in page
Account Registration

Before you can login to the EHC Hub your account will need to be invited to register by the local authority. Once your account has been set up the hub will send you an automated email to ask you to complete your registration.

See the short video to support your access to the EHC Hub.  This link will also appear in your invitation to register email.

Please check the email you supplied in your account registration for an email from Staffordshire's EHC Hub.

The email will include a link to complete your registration.

If you have not received an email, please check the junk or spam email folder in your email account.

Once you have accessed the email, click "Complete your registration" to progress the registration process. You must use the email address that the invitation has been sent to.

Please note that the "Complete your Registration" link will be disabled once the registration process is complete.  To log into the Hub again, navigate to the EHC login home page.

Two Factor Authentication

To complete your registration on the EHC Hub for security purposes the system will require you to set up Two Factor Authentication. Upon clicking the "Complete your registration" a new internet explorer screen will be opened directly in the EHC hub.

Two Factor Authentication can be set up in two ways

  1. Using the QR code that is shown on screen. This method will require a QR Reader app on your mobile device. QR Readers are free and can be download from the Google Play or Apple Stores
  2. Use an SMS message to verify your access. To use this option, click "Use SMS instead of an app" found in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

For ease of access it is recommended that the SMS option is used to authenticate your account.

Once the "Use SMS option instead of an app" has been clicked a new screen will be shown.  Enter your Mobile telephone number into the field provided and click "Send Code".

The system will send an SMS text message to your mobile device with a verification code. Please look on your device for a text message from StaffsEHC.

Once you have the code, enter the code in the relevant field and click "Verify Code".

Please note: should you need to you can resend a code by clicking "Resend Code" found in the bottom left hand side of the screen.

Once the "Verify Code" button is clicked the EHC Hub will open.


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