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Approval of Changes to Greenhall Nursery and Marshlands School

Staffordshire County Council

After following the statutory process for Making significant changes (‘prescribed alterations’) to maintained schools Staffordshire County Council has approved related changes to two Staffordshire community special schools. The details are outlined below:


School Name: Marshlands School

Address:  Second Avenue,  Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1PS                                     

Dfe Number:  860/7037

Category: Special School

Proposal: Change of age range

School Name: Greenhall Nursery

Address:  Second Avenue,  Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1PS  

Dfe Number:  860/7750

Category: Special School

Proposal:  Change to the types of need catered for

Approved changes:

  1. Marshlands Primary School – a change of age range, from the current Early Years to Year 6 to focus on children in Year 1 to Year 6 by removing Early Years and reception provision and specialising in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 provision.


  2. Greenhall Nursery– a change of designation in types of special education needs and disabilities catered for, to include children with needs in the Early Years Foundation Stage prime areas of learning, physical, communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.

These changes will maximise the use of the learning environments in both settings.