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2017 You said, we did

You said: We would like the website to be easier to navigate (December 2017)

We did:  We worked with the parents working group to develop a refreshed Local Offer website.   We sought and collated feedback from parents, carers, childen, young people, practitioners and providers via online surveys, meetings, and workshops to feed into the process.  

User testing  in April 2018 with regard to the design of the website indicated that 93% of respondents felt it was easy to understand and 100% of respondents liked the way it looked.

You said: We like a question and answer style for information pages (December 2017)

We did: a template has been developed for new providers to complete

You said: We would like the information on the local offer to be reviewed and updated (December 2017)

We did:  We contacted colleagues in education, social care, health partners, key commissioners, leisure and other providers to request updated information.  A meeting was held to pass on the feedback received from parents, children and young people and a template issued to refect some of the information wanted.  This included:

  • what happens when I become an adult
  • more detailed service information
  • information on costs and referrals
  • what happens when I come to the service.

As a result over 150 information and service entries have been received and inputted onto the new site

You said: We really like the use of videos . It's easier to listen to a video than it is to read text (December 2017)

We did:   We have worked with the web designers so that we can add videos to all our information pages.   Watch this space!

You said: We would like to be able to share activities on the local offer on Facebook (December 2017)

We did:  A button has been added to enable sharing of provider information on the local offer, via email, Facebook and Twitter.

You said: We would like our own local offer pages(December 2017)

We did:  From feedback we received from parents, young people and practitioners, we have added a children and young people's page, parents page and practitioners page that can be adapted to the needs of all.  Each page has its own carousel with news items that are most relevant to you. 

You said: What can we do if nothing comes up in a search? (Dec 17)

We did: People who are unable to find the information they are looking for during a search are automatically provided with information to contact someone for more help.

You said: It would be helpful to know what activities are free to carers (December 2017)

We did:  We have added a free for carers category on our Places to go, things to do pages.

You said: We would like to be able to request a service to register with Staffordshire's local offer (December 2017)

We did:  We have added a "Request a service" function onto the new site to make it easier for those who use it to recommend providers. 

We are working with children and young people , through The Voice Project, to develop a provider recommendation scheme, initially for activities and places to go.

You said: A directory data check should be undertaken on a regular basis to help keep provider information up to date (July 2017).

We did: A quarterly review plan was implemented in September 2017 to invite providers to update their information.  The first broadcast was sent in October 2017,  This will be repeated on a quarterly basis (October 2017).