Hub Guidance -Parents and Carers Requesting an EHC Needs Assessment

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Hub guidance for parents and carers requesting an Education Health and Care needs assessment.  A PDF version of the guidance, with screenshots, can be downloaded here.


Accessing the Hub

The following guidance details how to login to and access your account on the EHC Hub.

The Staffordshire County Council Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub can be accessed via this link.

EHC Hub sign in page
Requesting an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

For more information about the Education Health and Care Needs Assessment process and to access the online request form click "Request a needs assessment" on the EHC Hub login page. This will take you to a separate screen which tells you more about Education Health and Care Plans.

Please also see Staffordshire's Local Offer which includes information about SEN and the EHC process and provides a paper copy of the online request form.

At the bottom of the "What is an Education Health and Care Plan?" information screen and to request an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment on the Hub click "Request an EHC Needs Assessment".

A further information screen appears - to move past this click ""Request an EHC Needs Assessment" which can be found at the bottom of the information screen.


The first section of the request form is used to confirm that you are giving consent to have information gathered and shared as part of the assessment process. By completing this consent you are agreeing to the Local Authority sharing information gathered throughout the assessment process with health and social care professionals.

Please complete the fields and click "Continue request" found at the top right of the screen to progress.

Panel 1 – Details of person requesting an EHC Needs Assessment

Please note: You will need to complete the form in one go as you cannot save it and come back to it later.

This section requires you to confirm if the request has been made by a young person (over 16 years) or if the request is the first Education Health and Care needs assessment request for the child or young person.

Answer the questions as necessary by clicking the radio buttons.

Panel 2 – Child or young person’s details

Panel 2 provides an area for you to record the details of the child or young person, items such as their name, date of birth, gender and other demographic information can be recorded here.

Please note: Any fields marked with a red * are mandatory, records cannot be added to the system without these fields completed.

Panel 3 – Child or young person’s main contacts (family and involved professionals

Use Panel 3 to add the details of any main contacts (parents, carers, other family members and involved professioals) that need to be linked to the assessment record.

  • To add a contact, complete the contact information in the fields provided.
  • To add additional contacts click "+ add contact" found at the bottom right of the screen. This can be done as many times as necessary.
  • To remove a contact click  "remove contact" found at the top right of the screen, this will remove the contact from the child or young person's record.
Panel 4 – Details of the child or young person’s current education setting(s)

Here you record the details of the child or young person's current education setting.

  • By clicking on the"Search for a setting within your area" field, the system will display a list of current settings.
  • Select a setting from the list to add it.
  • Additional settings can be added by clicking "+ add setting" to open another setting screen. 
Panel 5 – Important information about the child or young person

Data panel 5 enables you to record important information in support of the child or young person's Education Health and Care needs assessment.

Some of the questions have "Yes" and "No" radio buttons which depending on the response will open additional fields and questions that can be used to record information as necessary.


Submitting the Request

When all sections are complete click "Send request" at the top right of the page.

  • The screen will display the following:

    Thank you for your request

    We have received your request for an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment and have sent an email confirmation to the address provided by the person completing the request.

    The local authority will consider the information you have provided and will seek the views of the child or young person's education setting and other involved professionals in order to make a decision on whether to assess or not.

    The Local Authority must inform you of their decision to carry out an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment or not within six weeks of your request.

    In the meantime you can assess information, advice and details of local universal services on the Local Offer."
  • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have given on the request form. If you have not received an email, please check the junk and spam email folder in your email account.

The request will be received at the Single Point of Access who will add your details to the Hub. You will then receive an email inviting you to register on the Hub - please see guidance sheet Hub Guidance - Account Registration.

Once registered you will be able to upload supporting documents to the request.


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