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Early years special educational needs and disability funding for settings

Funding available to educational settings.

Disability Access Funding (DAF) - Early Years funding to support children with disabilities

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What is DAF?

DAF is a one-off grant of £615 to support children with a disability within their early years provision?

Who is eligible?

Any child aged three or four years that is taking up their universal entitlement of fifteen hours free early education and attracting Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

What can the funding be spent on?

Childcare settings can access guidance to support them in utilising the grant. The funding is intended to support access into the provision and resources/equipment.

Who is responsible for making the application for DAF?

The childcare setting is responsible for making the application for DAF.

What can I do as a professional/practitioner to ensure children/families benefit from this grant?

  • Raise the profile of DAF with parents…we know that there are eligible children in Staffordshire in settings where an application has not been made. Encourage parents to speak to their child’s setting about making an application
  • Influence the spend – work with parents and childcare providers to advise on what is the most appropriate thing to spend the grant on.

 For more information….

See our guidance


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Additional educational needs (AEN) funding in private, voluntary and independent early years settings

Settings are expected to meet the needs of all children, including those children with a range of special educational needs. Additional district needs funding is allocated to private, voluntary and independent settings in order to provide additional adult support over and above that given to other children in the setting. More information is in our guidance document for AEN funding in private, voluntary and independent, early years settings.   

Funding is based on the Staffordshire special educational needs criteria for 2 year olds and criteria for 3 year olds.  

Settings should submit funding application forms or review proformas at least 10 working days before the early years forum.  

The guidance, criteria, application and review form referred to above can be found in our download section to the right hand side of this page.

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