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Terms of Reference - SEND Partnership Group Early Years Sub Group

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The SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group Sub Group has key responsibilities in directing, implementing, overseeing and monitoring the specific area of work and reporting back to the SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group. The group will oversee the implementation of the strategic vision and the Written Statement of Action in relation to this area of work, as set by the SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group.

The group will support the independence, resilience and ambitions of children with SEND in Staffordshire. Whilst realising the shared vision for all Children and Young People aged 0-25 with SEND in Staffordshire: 

“All children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities are able to reach their full potential. They receive the right support, at the right time, with choice and control so that they can lead fulfilling lives in their school or setting, home and community.”

The definition of SEND is as outlined in the Children and Families Act 2014:

“A child or young person has Special Educational Needs (SEN) if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her”

Key objectives

  1. Work with partners and parents across the local area in a coproduction way to develop this area of work - working together, sharing and utilising their expertise, data and intelligence in the co-design and delivery of solutions to achieve vision and improve outcomes.
  2. To deliver with pace and transparency:
    • The Local Area’s Written Statement of Action activity relating to this area of work.
    • Improvements in those areas of development identified following the Local Area Inspection.
  3. To ensure Staffordshire meets its statutory responsibilities and complies with the SEND Code of Practice 2015.
  4. To provide strategic direction and leadership for monitoring and quality assuring the area of work.
  5. To monitor and evaluate the impact of an inclusive Staffordshire system for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Specific Areas for the Early Years Sub group

  1. Work with other Written Statement of Action groups to develop robust all-age transition arrangements (this links to the Written Statement of Action)
  2. Identify gaps in early years provision in order to feedback to the SEND and Inclusion Partnership Group
  3. To keep oversight of different areas of work within early years
  4. To have strategic oversight of the Early Years Forum.

Governance and Reporting

The Group is a sub group of the SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group.

The SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group is a sub-group of the Family Strategic Partnership (FSPB) Board which is a delegated group of the Staffordshire Health and Wellbeing Board.  The FSPB exists to support the Health and Wellbeing Board’s vision of:

“Staffordshire will be a place where improved health and wellbeing is experienced by all – it will be a good place which will be healthy and prosperous in which to grow up, achieve, raise a family and grow old, in strong, safe and supportive communities”.

The Sub Group will report into the SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group on a monthly basis, with a detailed report on a bi monthly basis.


Members of the Sub Group will be responsible for reporting back to their respective organisation all actions and matters of note and ensuring actions required by their organisation are completed within the agreed timescales.

Outcomes and recommendations from the Sub Group which require financial due diligence will need to be agreed by the SEND & Inclusion Partnership Group.


  • Head Teacher of Greenhall Nursery Chair
  • Senior Educational Psychologist, Chair of Early Year Forum 
  • SEND Commissioning Manager (Staffordshire County Council)
  • SaLT team Leader 
  • Service Manager Allied Health Professionals and Community Paediatricians (Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust)
  • SEND Designated Clincial Officers for North and South Staffs (Clinical Commissioning Groups)
  • Kate Cox
  • Elizabeth Elliot, Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust
  • Childcare and Sufficiency Manager (Staffordshire County Council)
  • Service Manager, County Universal Services, Children’s & Families Care Group (Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust)SEND Assessment and Planning (Staffordshire County Council)
  • SENDIASS Staffordshire Family Partnership
  • Parent Representative
  • Ruth Blunn-Jennings
  • Children & Young People Community Nursing & Special Needs & Continuing Care
  • Head of Children's Disability Service
  • Virtual School
  • Special School Representative
  • Senior Family Support Worker

The group will invite additional members as required.

Chairing of Meetings

  • The Sub Group will be chaired by Joanne di Castiglione.
  • The Vice-Chair will be nominated from the group members and is currently Emma Dodd.


The Group will meet quarterly.

      The group will meet quarterly


The quorum for the meeting will be a quarter of the overall membership of the group.  Should a meeting consist of less than this membership then the meeting can still take place, at the discretion of the Chair, but no formally binding decisions shall be taken.  Any such decisions will need to be taken at the next scheduled meeting.


  • Improved transition
  • Coordinated strategic oversight of early years


The terms of reference and main priorities of the workstream will be reviewed on an annual basis.

This will take place in February 2022.