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2016 You said, we did

You said: We want to be kept informed of what's going on (July 2016).

We did: We're now keeping an activity log which is updated regularly and is available for download. (September 2016)

Update April 2018.  We will now keep you informed via our newsfeeds.

You said: Navigation to the Local Offer is poor and more signposts are needed (July 2016).

We did: We reviewed and refreshed the current website in line with your comments and suggestions, our new Local Offer site is easier to navigate and will provide a more efficient signposting service (September 2016

You said: Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is inaccessible for young people. Terminology used does not mean anything, there is too much jargon and policies need to be easy to read (July 2016).

We did: We have considered accessibility options with the new provider and identified how to improve accessibility and implement the changes required.  The jargon buster has been updated and included on the new website for reference (September 2016).

You said: The use of PDF documents need to be converted to word documents for ease of use (July 2016).

We did: We are uploading information in a word format and will avoid the use of PDF documents where possible.  The font size format has also been revised.  We have provided a web link to the school(s) website (September 2016).

You said: How do I clearly know the complaints concerns route? (July 2016).

We did: We redefined the front page so the link to our corporate system is clear to all site users.  We have included a compliments and complaints section to sit within ‘You said, we did’ (September 2016).

Update April 2018: We have now made this more accessible by adding a separate complaints and complaints page on all Local Offer home pages

You said: A route for being able to ask questions would be helpful (July 2016).

We did: We created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the Local Offer site to enable us to have direct contact with you and we will endeavour to provide a prompt response to your questions (September 2016).

You said : Section 41 language used is complicated for parents and not user friendly, how to access a placement is not clearly provided and information on contact details for advice and guidance (July 2016).

We did: We considered how to make this more accessible - Provide a summary of admission routes to inform parents and carers.

We have encouraged the section 41 providers to register as providers on Staffordshire cares local directory

Key contact information available to the users (September 2016).

You said: I don’t know the independent schools Staffordshire is currently using (July 2016).

We did: We are currently awaiting the update of the Independent schools SCC has commissioned in the last 5 years and this will be uploaded onto the website on receipt (September 2016).

You said: Where are the private, voluntary and independent providers (PVIs) – no addresses or postcodes are available. Early Years Link to Family Information Service (FIS) (July 2016).

We did: We have ensured that access to link to family information service directory clear and easy to find

The filters have been updated to ensure they are more appropriate for your use (September 2016).

Update April 2018 - we have added an early years and childcare section to the refreshed site which includes private, voluntary and independent providers.  District filters have been added and, where appropriate, post code and map views have been introduced

You said: What is the difference between Education Offer and SEND provision? (July 2016).

We did: The Education Offer is what our Schools and Further Education (FE) providers are able to support learners with.  The SEND provision is what our settings are able to offer (September 2016