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Moving safely around the home and neighbourhood


There is a lot of equipment which can make living in your house easier and safer.

For some people, simple equipment like a walking frame or a walking stick may make a big difference. There are also larger pieces of equipment like portable ramps, specialist rise and recline chairs, stair climbers and stairlifts.

You can find a range of equipment and technology suppliers who can offer you support on Staffordshire Connects.

The Support for Independent Living in Staffordshire (SILIS) service can also offer support and advice on how to adapt your home to protect and enhance your independence.


You may be worried about falling when in your home or out and about and not being able to get help. There are a range of personal alarms available, such as a pendant alarm you can wear round your neck and press to call for help if you fall, which may give you peace of mind. You can find a range of telecare suppliers who can offer you support on Staffordshire Connects.

Help getting out and about

Some areas in Staffordshire have community transport schemes that you can use to get out and about such as visiting your local dentist, doctor or hair dresser.

To find a scheme near you visit Staffordshire Connects and choose from a scheme in your local area.

Shop mobility

Shopmobility is a service that can help those with mobility problems to get around town centres independently, with freedom, confidence and dignity.

The National Federation of Shop Mobility has a directory where you find your nearest scheme.

You do not have to be registered as disabled, have a blue badge, or be in receipt of disability benefits to take advantage of any Shopmobility service.

Care workers

If you are need of personal care, like washing and dressing, many home care agencies will also support with non personal care needs like shopping. We recommend that you contact a couple of agencies to find one that suits your needs and budget.

You could employ a personal assistant to provide household support. This would mean having the same person that you choose meeting your needs, but you would need to be comfortable with becoming an employer. You can find more information about employing a personal assistant on the Staffordshire County Council website.

If you would like to be matched up with a personal assistant, then the Staffordshire Care Market Development web pages can help you. You will need to create an account and then write a job advert for the type of support you need. You will then be matched with a list of personal assistants that you can choose to employ to help you to meet your needs.

Moving home

You may decide that your best option would be to move to a smaller home, a place nearer family or amenities or to a property that has some support available on site.

You may want to find out more about things like extra care housing, supported living, sheltered housing and housing association properties.

Find out more about your housing options on the Staffordshire County Council website.

Age UK also has detailed information about housing choices.

We would always recommend getting independent financial advice before making any big decision about your living arrangements.