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20.09.21 Education Banding Tool Steering Group - Notes & Actions

The following items were discussed at the meeting on 20th September 2021.  A copy of the full notes can be downloaded here.

Items discussed

  • Welcome and Apologies
  • Agree notes of previous meeting and reveiw outstanding actions
  • Project Lead Update
  • Project Progress and Next Steps
  • Funding Principles
  • Emerging Concerns
  • Circumstances when EBT funding level is to be amended
  • Key Decisions
  • Project Risks & Issues
  • Items for Next Agenda & Any Other Business


  • Consider what constitutes full time hours for Further Education by 30.9.21
  • Remove 'Psychological Behaviour' from the list circumstances where the Banding Override will be applied. (Ref: Slide 17 of the Steering Group Slides - meeting on 20.09.21)
  • Add Intervention Assessment places for pupils placed in special schools and who do not have an EHCP to the Consultation questions.
  • Arrange for SENDIASS Dashboard to be updated to reflect queries raised by parent/carers in relation to the EBT (Request from SEND Joint commissioning Group) 1.10.21
  • Downgrade the RAG Rating from amber to green for the issue relating to 'funding level concerns'. Agreed by Steering Group as the Project Team has resolved CSW and Enteral Feeding with Health).
  • Send out invite for the Pre-Consultation Event
  • Circulate the lessons learnt template to Steering Group members.
  • Add any lessons learned to date, things that have gone well, things that have not gone well and things that could have been better and thoughts on the outcome as a result. 
  • Ensure there is an efficient and effective process in place for obtaining sign off where there is a request to override the tool. Need to ensure the requirement to obtain sign off does not lead to delays - 29.10.21
  • Send Teams link to Sarah Chamberlain so she can issue the invites for the Parent/Carer Events.
  • Issue Parent /Carer Event invites to parent/carers - 24.9.21

Meeting Presentation Slides

The presentation covered the following.  A copy of the slides can be downloaded here.

  • Project Lead Update
  • High Level Implementation Plan
  • Project Progress
  • Next Steps
  • Funding Principles
  • Band Funding Levels - Specials
  • Band Funding Levels - Mainstream
  • Emerging Concerns
  • Circumstances when Banding Override will be applied
  • Key Decisions
  • Project Risks and Issues

Dates of Future Meetings

  • 18.10.2021 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm
  • 15.11.2021 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm
  • 13.12.2021 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm