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Virtual School

Introducing the Virtual School for Looked After Children

Initiated by Care Matters, Time for Change, all Local Authorities are advised to support raising the educational attainment and achievement of their Looked After Children through the overarching support of a Virtual School. The responsibility for each child’s education, target setting, learning and teaching remains with the schools and settings where they are enrolled. However, it has been found that where another “Virtual” School is able to keep an overview and support Looked After Children’s education, as if they also belonged to that ‘Virtual School’ it has additional, positive benefits for their educational outcomes.

The Virtual School for Looked After Children provides support and challenge to schools, education providers, social work teams and other key partners in the form of staffing support, training and additional resources. We also provide information, advice and guidance (especially around Personal Educational Plans), as well as monitoring and tracking of individual educational outcomes and targets.

The Virtual School consists of the Headteacher, Education Co-ordinators and Mentors, who together focus on improving the attainment and achievements of Looked After Children, improving attendance and reducing the number of exclusions. Organised within Families First as part of Specialist Inclusion, the Virtual School aims to meet the goal to ensure that: ‘Our Looked After Children are safe, secure and achieve their full potential.’

Information on the support offered by the Virtual School for Looked After Children is available here.

Staff Guidance for the Virtual School for Looked After Children can be downloaded from this page.

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