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Personal budgets for special educational needs

A personal budget is an amount of money identified to pay for support specified in the education health and care plan.  Parents or the young person who have requested a personal budget are involved in securing the provision.

What is a personal budget?

Personal budgets should reflect the holistic nature of an Education, Health and Care Plan and can include funding for:

  • special educational provision

  • health provision, and

  • social care provision.

The personal budget should be designed and focused to

  • secure the provision agreed in the Education, Health and Care Plan and

  • the outcomes specified in the Education, Health and Care Plan.

When can I request a personal budget?

Parents or the young person have a right to request a personal budget:

  • when the local authority has completed an education health and care needs assessment and confirmed that it will prepare an Education, Health and Care Plan.

  • during a statutory review of an existing Education, Health and Care Plan.

Personal Budgets are optional for parents or the young person but local authorities are under a duty to prepare a budget when requested.

What services could I purchase through a personal budget?

Our policy on personal budgets sets out:

  • What a Personal Budget is

  • How to request a Personal Budget

  • The process for deciding on a Personal Budget

  • Typical or indicative funding figures for different provisions

  • How the funding will be made available

  • Description of services that Personal Budgets can be used for. 

Any questions should be discussed with your SEND Key Worker.  Independant information, advice and support for parents, carers, children and young people is available at SENDIASS