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20.5.21 Education Banding Tool Implementation Reference Group Meeting


The following items were discussed at the meeting on 20th May 2021.  A copy of the full notes can be downloaded here.

Items discussed:

  • Welcome & Apologies
  • Agree notes and actions of previous meeting
  • Project progress to date and next steps
  • Project risks & issues
  • Survey to Education Providers
  • Workshop Outputs
  • Communication and Engagement Strategy
  • Items for future agenda
  • Questions & feedback from members & any other business.
  • Future meetings


  • Pupils resident in other local authority areas. LC/NK to have a conversation and understand how other Local Authorities that are using the system have considered this.

  • The FE Group were concerned that the EBT was only being used for FE providers in one other Local Authority. This will be added as a Risk.

  • Communications and Engagement Strategy. 
    • An updated slide 21 will be inserted into the Presentation prior to distribution.
    • Early Years Sector should be noted as part of the Staffordshire Education Providers within Primary Stakeholder section.
    • Parents and Carers should be Primary Stakeholders and the list will be updated accordingly.
    • All Invitees to provide feedback on percentages to apply to each statement.
  • Grace Fairhall from Endon Hall Primary School asked to be invited to future meetings directly.

Meeting presentation slides

The presentation covered the following.  A copy of the slides can be downloaded here.

  • Project Progress to date and next steps
    • High Level Implementation Plan
    • Progress to date/key achievements
    • Key activities & deliverables planned for next period
  • Project Risks and Issues
  • Survey to Education Providers
  • Workshop
  • Communication and Engagement Strategy