Hub Guidance - Parent and Carers contributing advice towards an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

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Hub guidance for parents and carers who are contributing advice towards an Education Health and Care needs assessment.  A PDF version of the guidance, with screenshots, can be found in our download section.


Accessing the Hub

The following guidance details how to login to and access your account on the EHC Hub.

The Staffordshire County Council Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub can be accessed via this link.

For more information about the Education Health and Care Needs Assessment process click "Request a needs assessment".  This will take you to a separate screen which tells you more about Education Health and Care Plans.

To reset your password, click the Hub "Reset password link" and follow the on-screen instructions.

For help accessing the Hub please send an email to

Please also see Staffordshire's Local Offer which includes information about SEN and the Education Health and Care Needs Assessment process.

The remainder of this guidance assumes that you have been invited to register as a user on the EHC Hub.

For guidance on making a request for an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment on the Hub please see guidance sheet Hub Guidance - Parent Carer Requesting an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment.

EHC Hub sign in page
Notification Email

This guidance assumes that you will have already registered an account with the EHC Hub - for more details please see guidance sheet Hub Guidance - Account Registration.

  • Please check the email you supplied in your account registration.  Once a decision has been made about the next stage of the EHC process an email will be sent to you.  This will provide a link to sign in to your account to view the decision and provide further information, if required. If you need any assistance or believe you have received this email in error please contact our team.
  • If you have not received an email, please check the junk and spam email folder in your email account.
  • Click "Sign in to the EHC Hub" on the email to launch the EHC Hub login in another tab/window.
  • Enter your login credentials and click "log in" to access the EHC Hub.
  • At this point you can also reset your password you can do so by clicking "Reset password". 

    The system will open a new Reset your password screen.  Enter your email in the field provided and click "Submit".

    The system will send you an automated email containing a token that can be used to reset your password.

    At the same time a reset password screen will be shown in the hub, enter the password reset token from the email the system will have sent you here.

    A further screen will be shown where you can enter and validate a new password. Once complete click "Submit".

Once you have logged in successfully the EHC Hub will show a welcome screen with the details of your child/children and the stage of the Education Health and Care Assessment/Plan.

Once logged on

Once you have logged in successfully the EHC Hub will show a welcome screen with the details of your child/children and the stage of the EHC Assessment/Plan.

To access the EHC record click on the icon in the welcome page.

Please note: the status of the EHC record is in the green panel below the child’s name.

Welcome test parent page "Alice in Wonderland" with "Assessment in Progress" Green Panel.
Summary Screen

The EHC Hub will open a summary screen which shows the status of your child’s EHC assessment.  The EHC assessment record has a summary ribbon at the top of the screen.

The summary ribbon includes the following icons:

  • Request
  • Decision
  • Assessment
  • Decision
  • Plan

Stages that are active or complete have coloured icons, these stages can be clicked on to access the recorded information. Icons that are greyed out indicate that the assessment has yet to meet that stage in the process.

To access the different stages of the assessment process click on the icons as necessary, the icons are briefly described as follows, below.


This section contains the information submitted to the local authority as part of the request for an EHC needs assessment.

Request - image of paper aeroplane

This section of the assessment screens in the EHC Hub allows access to the local authority's decision as to whether to carry out an EHC needs assessment, details as to the background to this decision will be provided here.

Decision - image of a letter in an envelope
Assessment - recording your views

This section contains the information submitted to the local authority as part of the request for an EHC needs assessment. Here you can contribute to the EHC needs assessment for your child.

There are two areas for you to record your views. "About Me" and "Parent/Carer Views" are multimedia spaces where you can type text, add photographs or short video clips.  If the Local Authority decide to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan, they will use this information to form Section A of the EHCP.

To access a section of the assessment, click on the relevant item, this will open in a new screen.

Any items that have information recorded against them are indicated with a green tick. Click on the item to access the information held.

Any information previously recorded will be shown, you can add to or amend the information as necessary and click "Save".

Assessment - Image of file

The next screen is for publishing the Local Authority’s decision whether to issue an EHC Plan or not.

Once the Local Authority has made its decision an automated email will be generated and sent to you to advise that a decision has been made and you can log onto the Hub to view and download the decision letter.

If a decision has been made to issue a draft Education Health and Care Plan, this email will ask you to log into the hub to comment on the draft EHCP.


Decision - image of a letter in an envelope
Plan - providing your views and comments

Following the decision to issue an EHCP, the local authority will prepare a draft version of the plan for you to view and provide comments on. In the draft EHCP, the name of the educational setting is left blank. This is so that you can make a request for a particular educational setting, or type of setting, if you wish. This can be the setting which the child/young person is currently attending.

You will have 15 days to record and submit your comments to the local authority. The local authority will then consider your feedback before issuing the final version of the EHCP. This final EHCP includes the name and type of the educational setting which the child/young person must attend.

To comment on the sections of a plan click on a relevant section or click on "Download Plan" to download the draft copy.  Sections include:

  • Section A - All About Me and My Parent/Carer Views
  • Sections B, E & F - Special educational needs outcomes and provisions.
  • Sections C, E, G - Health care outcomes and provisions.
  • Sections D, E, H1 & H2 - Social care needs outcomes and provisions.
  • Section I - Education Setting
  • Section J  - Personal Budget
  • Section K - Information and Advice

Once you have clicked on the relevant section, this will open a new screen.

Comments can be added to the comments/views area by clicking the field, once you have finished click "√ Save Comments"

Information that has been recorded as part of the assessment can be accessed by clicking the ">" next to the relevant section.

Once you have completed adding comments to sections of the plan click on "Finish Commenting" to submit your comments to be considered as part of the EHC plan.

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