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EHC Hub guidance for SENCos or other professionals at a school/setting on how to contribute advice towards an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment.  A PDF version of the guidance, with screenshots, can be found in our download section.

Any case used as an example in this guidance is completely fictitious and has been created on a test-site for the EHC portal.

Accessing the Hub

Following completion of the registration process, the Staffordshire County Council Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub can be accessed here.

The following gives an overview of how SENCOs or other professionals at a school/setting can contribute to a child or young person's Education Health and Care Assessment through the EHC Hub.

A short video is also available below to detail how you can contribute to a child or young person’s Education Health and Care assessment. 

EHC Hub log in
Cases in progress

This is the landing area when you first access the EHC Hub and displays the cases that have EHC assessments or Annual Reviews in progress, which are currently assigned to you. 

To access a case/record click the ">" against the relevant child or young person.

Cases in the EHC Hub are assigned to you/your school/education setting by the District SEND team in the Local Authority. The team will also request advice from you as part of a child or young person's EHC Assessment.

Cases with current EHC Plans that are not going through the Annual Review process will be found in the My Live Cases tray. 

If cases are not displaying in either of these trays, they may not have been assigned to you, in this instance click the setting cases section of the EHC Hub menu.

The setting cases screen will display any cases that are currently assigned to your school/linked education setting.

To access a case record click the > against the relevant child or young person.

My cases in progress landing page
Assessment Screen

Accessing a record will open a new screen which will detail any information recorded about a child or young person's EHC assessment.  This screen is made up of case summary information available about the child or young person.

To contribute to an EHC assessment in response to a request for advice, click the ">" against the open request against your record.

This will open a requests for advice screen.  Here you can record any information in support of a child or young person's EHC needs assessment.

Should you need access to information that a child/young person or their parents/carers have recorded scroll down the assessment screen.

Any items that have information recorded against them are indicated with a "tick", click on the item to access this.

Any information previously recorded will be shown here, add to, or amend the information as necessary and click the "save" button.

Note: if you are supporting a child or young person's access to the EHC Hub to record their own views you can use this process to mediate their access.

Assessment Screen EHC Hub
Request for advice

The request for advice screen will ask "will you be providing information and advice for this child/young person?" followed by a series of options. 

Please note, that fields marked with a red * are mandatory and must be completed before you can update or save a record.

For each of the No response options you select you will be asked to provide details of the reasoning behind this response.

Clicking the Yes options will open additional fields to enable you to provide information in support of an EHC assessment.

Scroll through the screen to get to advice areas for specific SEN Needs, Health and Social Care information.

To access one of these sections, click ">" next to the relevant item to open a new screen.

Request for advice - special educational needs advice area

Enter information as necessary, if you scroll down you can also add details of any long-term targets/outcomes for the child or young person.  To do this click the "+ add a new outcome" button.

You can add details of steps that would be needed to achieve an outcome. To enter the date a step should be achieved  click on the "select date/calendar" button. You add additional steps by clicking  the "add" button, this will update the list of steps. To remove a step, click the "bin/delete" icon.

Finally, you can add details of any provisions that will be allocated to help the child or young person achieve an outcome. To add a provision, click the "+ add new provision" button to open an extra provision screen.

Once you have entered all information in support of a request return to the top of the request for advice screen and click the "save changes" button. Click "X" to return to the main request for advice screen.

Should you need to you can remove the details of a provision by clicking the "delete provision" button.

Submitting advice

Once you have recorded advice in support of an EHC assessment there are several actions you can take. You can download a copy of the advice submitted by clicking the "download" button.

By clicking the "save changes" button you can save any changes without submitting them.

Finally, once you have added advice in support of an assessment click the "Submit advice" button to submit to the local authority. A pop-up message will be shown to ask if you are sure you want to continue click "yes".

Click "X" to return to the child/young person's assessment screen in the EHC Hub.


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