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EHC Hub guidance for SENCos or other professionals at a school/setting on how to arrange and complete an Annual Review.  A PDF version of the guidance, with screenshots, can be found in our download section.

Any case used as an example in this guidance is completely fictitious and has been created on a test-site for the EHC portal.

Accessing the Hub

Following completion of the registration process, the Staffordshire County Council Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub can be accessed here.

The following gives an overview of how SENCOs or other professionals at a school/setting can arrange and complete an Annual Review on the EHC Hub.

Once an EHC Plan has been finalised it must be reviewed annually in line with the relevant legislation:  Section 44 of the Children and Families Act 2014, Regulations 2, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of the SEND Regulations 2014 and the SEND Code of Practice 9.166-9.185 

A short video is also available below to detail how you can arrange Annual Review meetings and request reviews. 

EHC Hub log in
Annual Reviews

From the home page click on the "My Live Cases" Tray to display all your cases with current Education Health and Care Plans that are pending an Annual Review.

To access a case/record click the ">"  against the relevant child or young person.

Cases in the EHC Hub are assigned to you/your school/education setting by the District SEND team in the Local Authority. The team will also request advice from you as part of a child or young person's Annual Review.

If cases are not displaying, they may not have been assigned to you, in this instance click the "setting cases" section of the EHC Hub menu. 

This screen will display any cases that are currently assigned to your school or linked to your education setting.

To access a case/record click the  ">"  against the relevant child or young person.

This will take you to the "Case home" screen.  Click the "Start Review" button.

When prompted to confirm you wish to start the review click "Yes".

My live cases home screen image

The "EHC Plan Review Meeting" page will open.  Please ensure you read the guidance set out on this page to assist you with arranging the Annual Review.

Complete each section as appropriate.  Fields with a red * are mandatory.

The system will automatically populate individuals who were involved in the EHC needs assessment or previous Annual Review to invite them.

If a person has been added incorrectly click the "X" against the person to remove them from the invitees.

To add a person to the list of invitees click the relevant hyperlink ("+add parent, carer, guardian" or "+ add professional").  This will take you to a search and add screen where you can enter the person's contact details.

Once the meeting has been arranged you can either save the meeting as draft by clicking "Save in draft" or you can confirm and send out invitations by clicking "Confirm and send invitations".

Arrange an annual review icon
Contribute Views

Please ensure you read the guidance set out on this page to assist you with arranging the Annual Review.

This part of the annual review process relates to the Section 9.176 of the Code of Practice.

The school (or, for children and young people attending another institution, the local authority) must seek advice and information about the child or young person prior to the meeting from all parties invited, and send any advice and information gathered to all those invited at least two weeks before the meeting.

You must request information from all professionals listed and have either received the information or closed the request to be able to progress to the meeting stage.

It can also capture the views of the child or young person and their parents or carers on how progress is being made. If parents have registered on the Hub they can access this page to input views directly. If not, the SENCo is able to complete on their behalf.

Any items that have information recorded against them are indicated with a "tick".  Click on the item to access this.

Any information previously recorded will be shown here, you can add to, or amend the information as necessary and click "save".

Note: if you are supporting a child or young person's access to the EHC Hub to record their own views you can use this process to mediate their access. 

To contribute your advice click on the green  ">".

The Advice Areas page will open. All areas for review from the current plan will be indicated by a green  ">" at the end of the area.

You may also attach supporting documents at the bottom of the advice section.  Click or drag the file to upload, as indicated on screen.

Please make sure that you click "Save Changes" at the top of the page, for each area, when you have input any new information as the system does not automatically save your work.

In each advice area, you will be able to comment on the progress under the Contribute Views section. The drop-down box offers the following choices: - "On track - Complete" and "Not on track - Not able to comment".

You will also be able to recommend changes to the outcome as well as putting in additional steps or provision. These responses from invited professionals and yourself will all be available to discuss in your annual review meeting to discuss and reach a conclusion.

Once you have received all the information requested or closed down requests for information the "Progress to meeting" button will be active. Click to progress to the meeting.

Contribute views icon

The "Meeting" section functions as an attendance sheet that is to be completed in the meeting.

It includes the names of everyone that was invited and allows for you to "tick" if they are present.

You can also add any other individual who turned up at the meeting if applicable at the bottom of this page by clicking "add attendee".

The full details of the discussions held at the meeting, and any recommendations made, are captured in the next stage of the EHCP Review pathway, "Report".  Click "Progress to report" to move on to the report stage.

Meeting icon

The "Report’ Section" is where the SENCo goes through the recommendations and comments made against the set outcomes.  The child or parent views will have been fed through from the "Contribute views" page, but can be edited in the meeting if the child, young person or parent wishes.

Information from professionals submitted at the Contribute Views stage will feed through to the relevant areas they provided advice for. Updated sections are indicated by a "green tick".

When looking at the outcomes from each section and the comments made by professionals, the SENCo puts in the agreed responses from the meeting as well as record any disagreements if applicable.

The SENCo can complete the summary section and should any attendees bring reports or documents to the meeting you can upload them at this point in the Supporting documents" section at the bottom of the page.  Click or drag the file or document to this area to upload.

The Annual Review is to review the current needs, outcomes and provision in the EHC Plan. Should the child or young person's needs have changed, this information and supporting evidence should be uploaded as supporting documents.

Please make sure that you click "Save Changes" at the top of the page, for each area, when you have input any new information as the system does not automatically save your work.

Once you have completed the report there are several actions you can take. You can download a copy of the report by clicking on the "download" button.

When the report is complete and you have agreement to send to the Local Authority, click "Submit Report".

Once submitted, parents and professionals involved will be notified that you have completed this and can view the report. This can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Annual Review report icon

When the Local Authority has made a decision you, parents and professionals involved will be notified by email that a decision has been made and to log into the Hub to view the decision.

Decision icon

If the decision is to amend the Education Health and Care Plan, this will be completed in this section by the Local Authority.  When the proposed amended Education Health and Care Plan is shared you, parents and professionals involved will be notified it is available to view on the Hub.

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