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Staffordshire County Council is committed to ensure that parents/carers, children and young people are involved in the Local Offer.

This page provides information on the feedback we have received on the Local Offer and the actions we have taken.

This page will continue to be updated as we progress with the suggested improvements to the site. We hope that you find the changes made demonstrate our commitment to you in improving the Local Offer website.

If you have any further comment you can contact us at


You said:  Can we have a direct link to how to get a job in the money matters section? (January 23)

We did:  A link to the Jobs page has been added.


Early Help Strategy Reviewed in response to Families Feedback

We have received a variety of young peoples and parents and carers feedback about their experience of seeking help from services early on, for a range of support needs.

In response to this feedback, the Early Help Partnership have reviewed what we in partnership need to continue, what we need to do more of and what we need to improve on to better meet the needs of Staffordshire children and families during 2022-2027. Working together to delivering the Right Help, at the Right Time, in the Right Place.

The Early Help Strategy is available to read either on the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board website. 

You said:  Can we have a direct link to Staffordshire Parent Carer Forum and SENDIASS on the Local Offer home page? (September 22)

We did: Icons for Staffordshire Parent Carer Forum and SENDIASS have been added to the home page.

School Nurse Service Feedback

In October 2021, the School Nurse Service launched their surveys to capture parents, carers, young people's and schools feedback around the School Nurse Service provided across Staffordshire. Across the three surveys they received over 1,000 responses to help them understand what is working well and what could be improved about the service.

You said: More than 50% said you were not aware of the school nurse service and the different ways to access the service, meaning you had not used it before (August 2022)

We did: There are various ways you can contact our School Nurses when you need them, from a text service (ChatHealth) or call our Hub.  Details are available on our website. We have created a poster which details all the different ways that you can contact the service.  This can be found on our website; paper copies are available upon request. We have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram which we update regularly. We also have a newsletter which provides information and advice on a range of topics quarterly.

Quick Links:

You said: Young people told us you preferred school drop-ins to any other form of contact, with 80% using them. You wanted drop-ins for families.  You wanted information about the school nurses and how to contact them via leaflets, posters, school assemblies (August 2022)

We did: We will continue to hold drop-in sessions in middle and secondary schools as well as community drop-in sessions for all school aged children and young people. Weekly virtual drop-in sessions are also available. We are ensuring our website is updated on how to access these sessions with dates and locations. We provide community and virtual drop-ins for parents and families and details are on our website. We have posters and leaflets available about our service and how we can help you. These are on our website for your schools to access too or contact us for copies.  Visit our website here.

You said: Our families told us you’d use Chat Health to contact the service in the future (August 2022)

We did: ChatHealth is our easy-to-use text messaging service where you can speak to a Health visitor between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. For parents and carers text: 07520 615 722. For young people text: 07520 615 721. We are promoting ChatHealth more extensively via the service website and social media so more of you are aware of this easy service to use. This is a great option for those who want advice on the go and don’t have time for that phone call.

You said: Can we have a "Have your say" directory? (August 22)

We did: A new Have your Say directory has been added with links to the Parent Carer Forum, advocacy and support groups and surveys.

You said: Can we have icons on the Local Offer home page for: EHCPs, Graduated Response and Meetings (August 2022).

We did: Icons have been added to the home page.

You said: Could the Local Offer for Parents be renamed "For Parent and Carers"? (August 22)

We did: This has been renamed "For Parents and Carers".

You said: Children and Young People told us that they would like a category called "Support for Children and Young People" within the extra Support Section (June 22)

We did:  a new category has been created which includes advocacy and support services which can help children and young people.

The following feedback from families who had used the Family Support Service and those professionals supporting them, has helped shape our new Family Support and Outreach Service Offer.  A link to the service and how to refer can be found here

A mixture of family feedback and professional feedback includes:

You said: You told us the family support service should be available for families who had children and young people of all ages (April 22)

We did: The newly commissioned service will be available for families with children aged 0-19 years and up to 25-years for those with SEND. 

You said: It was very important that all family members were included and considered in the delivery of the service (April 22)

We did: The newly commissioned service will take a whole-family approach.  It will take into account the needs and strengths of the whole family in assessment, action planning and intervention.

You said:  It was important that the service could be accessed in a variety of settings, in a family’s home, as well as in community, schools and online 
(April 22)

We did: The newly commissioned service will operate as part of Family Hubs in each district.  It will also be accessible in a range of settings including the family home, community venues and online.  

You said:  Would like some short-term support to help find and access groups and resources locally in my community (April 22)

We did:   Our newly commissioned offer for families, focusses on providing hands-on, practical support to help you find what is available in your local community and to help to access it.

You said:  We would like the service to be available for all children who attend Staffordshire schools, including those who do not live in Staffordshire (April 22)

We did:    The newly commissioned service will be available to all children who attend Staffordshire schools and live in Staffordshire.  Where it is in the best interests of the family, we have also included provision for the service to be accessible to children who attend a Staffordshire school who live outside of the county.

Health Visitor Service Feedback

A total of 153 parents and carers of young children completed a survey held by Staffordshire County Council between 5 March-4 April 2020 to understand what is working well and what could be improved about the Health Visitor Service.

Your appointments with the Health Visitor service

You said:   Around 20% of you said that you did not attend your appointments with the service for reasons such as you forgot, the time or day did not suit (April 2022)

We did: We have made several changes including offering ‘virtual’ appointments as appropriate; we are also looking at providing text reminders.

You said:  88% said topics discussed during contact with the service were useful.  Over 75% said they had confidence in the Health Visitor/ service and the advice given.  Around 71% felt advice received met their needs (April 2022)

We did:   We are further developing videos on a range of topics to be made available on our website and exploring text messaging advice and guidance relevant to the child’s age. We now produce a termly newsletter covering a range of topics for our parents from ages 0-19.

Accessing additional support

You said: Almost 42% felt they could not access additional support through the service (April 2022)

We did: More information is being provided on the service website.

You said: 68% said they had been told about Children’s Centres and the services they provide during a Health Visitor appointment (April 2022)

We did: Information pack given to parents at new birth appointment being updated.

What you think about ‘ChatHealth’?

You said: 78% said they had not heard of ChatHealth (text messaging service) (April 2022)

We did: ChatHealth is our easy to use text messaging service where you can speak to a Health visitor between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. For parents and carers text: 07520615722. For young people text: 07520615721.  We are promoting Chat Health more extensively via the service website and social media so more of you are aware of this easy service to use. This is a great option for those who want advice on the go and don’t have time for that phone call.

What you think about ‘the Hub’?

You said: 60% of those who had used ‘the hub’ rated it as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (April 2022)

We did: Building on feedback received to ensure everyone receives a friendly, professional service. East Hub (covering East Staffs, Cannock, Lichfield, Tamworth) 0300 303 3924. West Hub (covering Moorlands, Newcastle, Stafford, South Staffs) 0300 303 3923.  We monitor waiting times for the Hub. You may need to wait at times to speak to Health Visitors as they speak and support other parents/carers. Some days are busier than others such as Mondays.  Alternatively, you can text us via ChatHealth.

What you think about the overall service?

You said: 61% rated the Families’ health and Wellbeing Service as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (April 2022)

We did:  Staff receive regular professional development to keep them up to date with best practice to ensure they provide consistent evidence-based information, advice, and guidance. However, some inconsistency was identified by survey respondents. We are therefore working with staff to try to understand the reasons for this and to reinforce the need to provide consistent evidence-based Information Advice and Guidance. You can contact and make an appointment to see a Health Visitor whenever you feel you need it. The service offers a standard 5 contacts from birth to 2-1/2 years; however, you can see us more via our clinics or ring the Hub to make an appointment if you have any concerns.

You said: Wasn't sure what Preparing for Adulthood contains. (Feburary 2022)

We did:  A more detailed explanation of what is contained in our Preparing or Adulthood section now pops up when you click on it.

You said: When looking for support available to get a job,more results came up by using the key word search "job support" than by searching by “career support”. (January 2022)

We did: The same key information results now show whether job support or career support is entered into the keyword search box.


You said: I couldn't find an accessible football club in the area I live (November 2021)

We did: We contacted Staffordshire Football Association who have provided more information within their listing on accessible local football clubs.

You said: it would be useful to have the graduated response, EHCPs and meetings added to the navigation bar (July 2021)

We did: these have been added to the website's navigation bar.

You said: it would be great if the SEND Local Offer was promoted on correspondence sent to families/carers of  young people undergoing ASD assessments in the south of the county (March 2021).

We did:  MPFT will provide a link to the SEND Local Offer on their diagnostic reports, workshops and their own website.

Many of you said: I need a reader to access the information.  (January 2021)

We did:  an accessibiity bar has been added to the website. 

You said: useful to have a shortcut to access directories. (January 2021)

We did:  worked with the web developers to add a shortcut button on all landing pages.


You said: would prefer referral contact details to be added directly to social care and safeguarding records, rather than a hyperlink to the main SCC website (September 2020).

We did:  added contact details directly to the listing.

You said:  home page search bar doesn't pick up PDF policy documents (September 2020).

We did: all recent PDF policy documents have been added as a website version.

You said: I'm having difficulty finding some core services using the home searchbar (July 2020).  

We did: A new recommended links feature has been developed to ensure core services feature at the top of the directory listings when using the search bar.

You said:  Easy read information about the Local Offer would be useful (June 2020)

We did:  ASSIST produced an Easy Read leaflet.

You said: would like telephone contact for those who can't access emails/internet (June 2020).

We did: telephone number agreed with contact centre.

You said: where can I go for information on the SEND Local Offer, if I don't have access to a computer (May 2020)?

We did: your local Library Service can help with this.  Supported access for parents, carers, children and young people with special eductational needs and disabilities is available via SENDIASS.  

You said: we would like more information on the difference between Staffordshire Connects and the SEND Local Offer (June 2020).

Staffordshire Connects is a website which connects you with help and support in your community. 

You can find help and support, all in one place, for:

  • children and families
  • adults and communities, as well as
  • children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Staffordshire's care organisations can find help and support in the Care Market Development section.

The SEND Local Offer is part of the Staffordshire Connects hub.

It is the place to go for information, support and services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilitiess from 0-25 years.

You said: would like more information on mental health (February 2020)

We did: Expanded directory on social, emotional and mental health.

You said: having difficulty finding information on annual health checks (February 2020)

We did:  added links to all health and wellness and extra support landing pages

You said: We would like to see pictures that reflect the person’s disability (January 20)

We did:  Wheelchair image has been added to the Young Person’s icon.  The landing pages picture has been replaced.


You said: I'm having difficulty searching for the visual impairment listing with my reader (December 19)

We did:  A direct link has been added to all the Education and Extra Help landing pages.

You said: Can we have more information on the Equality Act so we can understand our children's rights and advocate on their behalf (December 2019)

A link to the Equality Act Advice for Schools and Guidance for schools on reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils is in the SEND Local Offer policy library.  Links also feature on our adapting the curriculum and/or environment in schools information page.  An easy read version has also been added. (December 2019)

You said: We would like a link to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 years added to the SEND Local Offer (December 2019)

We did:  A link to the Code of Practice and all associated guides (guide for parents and carers; easy read for children and young people, and parents with learning difficulties) can be found in the Local Offer's policy library.  Links to all are also available on Q&A section of Education home pages under the question of "What is the SEND Code of Practice and where can I find it??"

You said: it would be useful to have safeguarding numbers directly/more prominent on the keeping safe page, rather than a link (November 2019)

We did:  numbers for children and adults added.

You said: it would be helpful if medical policies were accessible in health and wellness section (October 2019)

We did:  Link added as suggested.

You said: language was confusing on family support pages (October 2019)

We did:  Changed the wording and added a direct link to local parent support groups.

You said: it would be useful to have a link to SENDIASS in the early years support for families section (October 2019)

We did:  Added link as suggested.

You said: could not find available support services when looking for colleges (October 2019)

We did: have ensured that the extra help section is tagged in all appropriate pages within the Education section and Preparing for Adulthood section.  An additional question about what support services settings can access has been added to appropriate landing pages.

You said: A Mystery Shopper Scheme to help review and shape the Local Offer would be useful (October 2019)

We did:  A mystery shoppers workshop was set up in October 2019 to test the website and to develop the scheme.  Mystery Shoppers wanted a combination of case studies and a blank canvass to review the website on a half termly basis.

You said: we would like to be able to filter by commissioned or private services (September 2019)

We did:  A new filter has been set up to search by commissioned, private or voluntary services.

You said: certain information pages were not being picked up on the search bar (September 2019)

We did:  We have worked with the web developer to identify what the problem was.  This has now been rectified.

You said: could we have a specific feedback form added to the website to make immediate feedback quicker (September 2019)

We did:  A feedback form has been added in a prominent position to all pages of the digital hub.

You said: We would like to search for activities up to a 30 mile radius from home (July 2019)

We did:  have increased the maximum distance from 15 to 30 miles, with a 20 and 25 mile option.

You said: we would like a SEND Local Offer Facebook Page (April 2019)

We did:  A SEND Local Offer Facebook Page has been developed.

You said: We would like a SEND forms library (April 2019)

We did:  a forms library has been created.

You said: we would like to be able to search for events for children and young people as well as events that include siblings and families (April 2019)

A filter has been added which enables the user to search for events that include siblings and families.

You said: we would like content headings added to provider listings to help those with a visual impairment (Feb 2019)

Content headings have been added.



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