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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion Hubs aim to provide the right support to children and young people at the right time.

A factsheet for Parents and Carers can be found here.  

How does the SEND & Inclusion Hub work?

Staffordshire consists of 8 districts. Hubs exist in each of these districts. There are three layers to the SEND and Inclusion hub model:

SEND and Inclusion Hub

  • discusses the SEND and inclusion needs of children and young people
  • agrees support strategies.

Locality Management Group

  • provides strategic planning for the district
  • considers more complex themes and needs.

Inclusion and SEND Partnership Board

Monitors and evaluates the SEND and inclusion work of the district.

What are the main values of the District Hub model?

The work of the district hub model is built upon and guided by the following core principles:

  • Promoting and embedding early intervention
  • Focusing on outcomes for the child and family
  • Offering peer support and constructive challenge in an environment which enables people to be open and honest
  • Empowering schools to be more able to meet SEND and Inclusion needs
  • Promoting multi-agency working and co-production with partners, including Health & Social Care.
How do schools refer?
If a school refers my child for discussion at the SEND and Inclusion Hub, do they consult with me?

Yes. Schools can only refer a child into the SEND & Inclusion Hub if they have written or verbal consent from you as a parent or carer. Your views are important to us and no one knows your child better than you do. You will have vital information that might help schools to complete the referral.

See our Factsheet for Parents and Carers for more information:

Factsheet for Parents and Carers

Where are the SEND & Inclusion District Hubs?

Not sure which district you are in? The links above will take you to google maps which shows the border of each district.

Who attends the SEND & Inclusion Hub and how often do they meet?

The SEND & Inclusion Hub is a group of professionals from education, social care and health. They offer further support to schools around SEND and Inclusion

They meet every half term.  They talk about children and young people who they are struggling to support through the graduated approach.

What is discussed at the SEND & Inclusion Hub meetings?

At the meeting, actions and strategies are agreed to support the child or young person.   The relevant professionals will then go away and put these in place.

At the next meeting, they review the actions and discuss if they have worked.

Are the strategies suggested always successful & what happens if they haven't worked?

Sometimes the strategies are successful, sometimes they are not.

For those cases where they are not, the children or young person may be discussed within the Locality Management Group.  This group is responsible for supporting schools with their most complex needs.

Where can I find further information about the SEND Hubs?

Each District Hub is coordinated by an Effective Practice Development Officer (EPDO). The Model is supported by Christopher Rogers, who will be able to signpost you to the correct EPDO for your area.

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