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Personal budgets for social care

A personal budget is an amount of money based on your assessed, eligible social care needs. Everyone who has ongoing support needs will have a personal budget to spend on their support.

Following your assessment you will be asked to develop a support plan that describes how you would like to spend your personal budget to meet your needs and achieve your goals (outcomes) in a way that works for you. This means you will have more control over how your support is provided.

Who can have a personal budget?

If you are struggling and feel you would benefit from an assessment, you can make a referral to your local area social care office yourself or a family member or friend can make a referral for you by ringing:

  • First Response on 0800 1313 126 if you are under 18.
  • 0300 111 8010 for adults. You could also be referred by your GP or another healthcare professional.


Managing your personal budget

There are a number of ways your personal budget can be managed:

  • You may want to manage it yourself via a direct payment
  • The council can arrange the services for you as a managed budget
  • A third-party organisation can hold the money and arrange the services on your behalf.

What if I am unhappy with my personal budget or support?

If you are unhappy with your personal budget or your support you need to:

  • Discuss it directly with the people providing your support
  • Contact your social worker, care manager or care co-ordinator or your support broker.