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Admission pathway to a Staffordshire short stay school/pupil referral unit

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This document sets out the categories of pupils who are eligible for admission to a Staffordshire short stay school or pupil referral unit.  A PDF version is also available in our download section to the right.

If there are any concerns or queries – either general or related to individual cases, please contact the Education Inclusion Officers who will provide guidance.

Please see the related information links to the right of the page for:

  • Policy to support pupils placed in a Staffordshire pupil referral unit or short stay school
  • The Staffordshire Pupil Referral Unit high needs top-up assessment framework (TRIG-8)
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Eligibility for admission to a Staffordshire PRU/SSS
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Date Published
September 2019
Review Date
September 2021
Published by
Lesley Calverley