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Important information for parents during COVID-19 lockdown

Parents please read !!

Childcare from 20th July

Due to the relaxing of restrictions by government, childcare settings can welcome back more children from 20th July, this also includes holiday playschemes and out of school clubs also being allowed to re-open whether on a school site or not.

If you are a critical worker and need urgent childcare please contact our team at:

Advice and Guidance:

  • More information on schools and childcare settings re-opening from 20th July can be found on the government website
  • If you are looking for advice, guidance or help, related to Covid19 in Staffordshire please visit Staffordshire County Council's main website
  • Some childcare settings on this website may not re-open from 20th July

Funded early education for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

This section of the directory will help you find a whole range of childcare that can offer early education funded places.

Looking for a funded early education place in Staffordshire?

  • Click on your option of child's age from the below boxes (*or use the pull down arrow above called Funded Childcare Places )
  • Then input the postcode or area you are looking for childcare into the Enter your town/ postcode box at the top of the page.
  • Then click search

*Please note: Childcare providers are responsible for updating their own information.

Think2 - funding for 2 year olds

Some families with 2 year old children could be eligibile for 15 hours of funded childcare per week over 38 weeks, or 570 hours across the whole year.

Families must meet a criteria as funding is to help those most in need, parents on income support, earn less than £16,190 per year would qualify.

Check eligibility and apply

3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare

All children are entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare over 38 weeks, or 570 hours across a whole year, from the term after turning 3 years old.

Parents should simply enquiry with their chidlcare provider. Find out more.

30 hours for 3 and 4 year olds

Some families of 3 and 4 year olds who meet the government earnings criteria could receive an additional 15 hours of childcare to make up to 30 hours per week, or 1140 hours across the whole year for their child.

The criteria is for working parents who work at least for the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the National Living or Minimum Wage.

Full criteria and how to apply at Childcare Choices