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Education for 5-10 years

Information about the education options for children aged 5-10 with special educational needs.

I'm looking for a school, what are my options?

Our schools and specialist provision directory below holds information about your nearest and catchment schools, independent schools, pupil referral units, special schools, independent special schools and support for home educating.

You will also find information on finding a school, accessible schools, school admissions, education for children with health needs who cannot attend school, supporting pupils with medical conditions and our virtual school for looked after children.

What special educational needs (SEN) support can be put in place?

See our information page on special educational needs (SEN) support in schools for more information on:

  • Adapting the curriculum and/or environment in schools
  • What support can be provided in mainstream schools
  • What you can do if you disagree with the support provided

Do I need an education health and care plan to access support?

Most children with special educational needs and disabilities will have their needs met within local mainstream schools.

Education health and care needs assessments

Some children may need more help than would normally be provided in a setting. The education health and care needs assessment will look in detail at the child or young person's needs and the support that they require.

Education health and care plans

Education health and care plans are for children whose special educational needs require more help than would normally be provided in a school.

See more information about education health and care needs assessment and plans including:

  • How to request a needs assessment
  • Personal budgets
  • Annual reviews
  • Mediation and SEND tribunals


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