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Most children with a special educational need and disability will be supported to achieve their potential in mainstream schools. We expect schools to be an inclusive and supportive place, where children can learn, build relationships and be part of the community.

Mainstream schools

Our school search on our main website provides information about your nearest and catchment schools, including performance information, teacher/pupil ratios and much more.

Get information about schools is a register of schools and colleges in England. It includes information on free schools and independent schools.

When choosing a school, you may find it helpful to arrange a visit to look at the facilities and talk to staff. Your child’s special educational needs can be discussed with the school special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). 

Accessible schools

Network of accessible schools for children and young people with physical disabilities

School admissions

For information about school admissions or to apply online please see our school admissions webpages.

Specialist provision and extra support

Most children and young people with special educational needs have their needs met by the support that is usually available at their nursery, school or college. This is referred to as the graduated response

For children or young people who need special educational provision that cannot be met by the graduated response, an education, health and care needs assessment should be considered. 

If an education, health and care needs plan is issued, this will give details of the provision needed to meet the child or young person’s need.

This could be:

  • Specialist provision or support in a mainstream school or a resource centre.
  • A placement in a special school.
  • An independent placement. See providers who have been approved by the Secretary of State, who are described as ‘Section 41 providers’ by the Education Funding Agency.

Get information about schools is a register of schools and colleges in England. It includes information on free schools and independent schools.

The special educational needs keyworker or SENDIASS - Staffordshire Family Partnership can provide more information


What support services are available to schools?

Look out for their special educational needs policy and information report. All schools must publish information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with special educational needs. The information must also include:

  • The school's arrangements for the admission of disabled children.

  • The steps being taken to stop them from being treated less favourably than others.

  • The facilities provided to assist access to their school for disabled children. 

  • The school's accessibility plan.

Extra help that settings can access is found in our Extra help directory.

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

If your child has a medical need, the Government has produced guidance for supporting pupils with medical conditions in schools. This provides information about what schools should do to support the child or young person. 

Education for children with health needs who cannot attend school

The government provides guidance about education for children with health needs who cannot attend school.

Virtual school for looked after children
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