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Assisted Shopping - Find me a Milkman

Find fresh and local milk delivery services in your area... At the heart of your community... come rain or shine, your local milkman will keep you topped up with fresh milk, dairy products and lots lots more! Find Me A Milkman makes it easy for…

Assisted Shopping - Sainsbury's Shop Online and Telephone Service

Anyone wishing to use this service has to register first. Orders do not necessarily have to be done on-line, they can be made over the telephone. Sainsbury's deliver seven days a week and they offer a range of different delivery services such as collection in…

Assisted Shopping - Waitrose Shop Online / Volunteer Shopping Cards

Anyone wishing to use this online service has to register first. Waitrose deliver seven days a week and they offer a range of different delivery services such as collection in store and home delivery. To find your nearest store see the Waitrose website.  Just ring…

Associated Optical - Low vision equipment

Associated Optical - please see our website for low vision equipment and aids

Bierley Electronic Magnifiers for vision loss (online purchase)

Bierley have been helping people with vision loss for more than a decade. It was in 2004 that the MonoMouse was introduced and since then tens of thousands of VIP’s (visually impaired people) ranging from 7 years old to more than 100 years old have…


Blatchford is a world leading rehabilitation provider with clinical expertise in prosthetics, orthotics, special seating and wheelchairs. We provide clinical services to the NHS & Military in the UK and to private patients both in the UK and internationally. We also design and manufacture the award-winning Endolite…

Boots - mobility and daily living aids (online catalogue / in store purchase)

From specially designed furniture to canes and wheelchairs, we have the mobility and daily living aids so you can enjoy your freedom. We aim to stock a comprehensive selection of mobility and living aids so you can keep on going in life.   You'll find…

Brampton Mobility Equipment Supplier

Brampton Mobility, situated within Brampton Business Centre, Queen Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, has been established as a successful Mobility business since 1994. We work closely with occupational therapists, social workers, carers and members of the public who require mobility assistance. We are here to help you get…

British Red Cross - Independent Living products and Wheelchair hire (online purchase)

We provide quality products at a reasonable price, and any profit we make goes towards helping people in crisis. Some independent living aids can be obtained free of charge, so check with your local GP or health professional before buying products.  Also, some independent living…

British Wireless For The Blind Fund - Free to Loan Radios

Living with sight loss can be lonely and isolating, causing many to revert into themselves only making this issue worse. The British Wireless for the Blind Fund aims to ease these feelings by providing the joy of sound along with the companionship of radio. We…
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