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Friends Against Scams

Become a Friend Against Scams and take a stand against scams with free online training and information. Become a Scam Marshal and take an active role in helping increase awareness and send scam mail to the NTS Scams Team so it can be investigated. Friends…

The Friends of Hednesford Park

1. To conserve, enhance and promote the Park area for the benefit of people and wildlife. 2. To promote and encourage all sectors of the local community to take an interest in the protection, upkeep and enjoyment of the enjoyment of the park. 3. To…

GB Training

The Gingerbread Centre

Working to support homeless families, through personalised, confidential and structured support. We run various projects to help families develop their skills and learning opportunities. We provide accommodation for homeless families, single pregnant women and young parents.

The Globe Foundation

The Globe Foundation (trading name of The Globe Group CIC) is an environmental not-for-profit established to protect and enhance the natural environment through community action. We deliver a range of projects, workshops, community events and opportunities for local groups and residents to learn new skills…

Good Neighbour Volunteering Scheme - Berkswich

The aim of the scheme is to involve Berkswich people in volunteering and supporting local people who, through age or disability, may feel isolated or struggle in their day to day living with tasks and activities and/or in getting help. Local volunteers will offer assistance…

Groundwork West Midlands

We have a wide range of projects right across the West Midlands and work on hundreds of local projects each year. We focus our activity on disadvantaged communities where we can make most difference. With bases in Stoke-on-Trent, The Black Country, Coventry, Nuneaton and Burton…

Grow & Achieve Together CIC - Specialist Job Coaching & Travel Training

We work with individuals with disabilities to increase independence, skills and emotional health and well-being, in addition to working with the employer to enhance understanding and inclusive working practices.  Job coaching is aimed to prepare the participant for permanent employment, identifying timely plans for withdrawal and any aspects of…

Grow Moorlands

Grow Moorlands (Staffordshire Moorlands) is a enterprise which aims to engage and develop young people with learning disabilities and mental health issues. The enterprise will provide training and development opportunities, accredited qualifications, work experience, independent living support and volunteer opportunities to support, promote and enhance…
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