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St Elizabeth's Preschool

Pre-School Playgroup

St Elizabeth's Pre School launched our new Governor-run provision in September 2017 based within St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School site. We welcome children aged 3 - 4 to 'Play, Learn and Grow' within a safe and secure setting, with wider access to the resources and…

St Elizabeth's RC Special School

St Elizabeth's School is a specialist residential school and children's home for young people of both genders aged 5 - 19 years.  We are also registered for Day Pupils.  We offer a warm, welcoming, safe and secure environment for children from throughout the UK. The…

St Gabriel's Early Years Group

Pre-School Playgroup

Open for over 11 years.

St Gabriel's Early Years Out Of School Club

Out of School Care

Open for over 11 years.

St George's House

This record has been harvested from the CQC

St George's Pre-School Playgroup

Pre-School Playgroup

The emphasis at St George’s Preschool is on ‘Learning through Play’. Whilst our children are playing they are learning too, through activities that match their capabilities, enthusiasm and own interests.
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