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Important information for parents during COVID-19 lockdown

Parents please read !!

Childcare from 1st June

Along with vulnerable children and children of critical workers, children of any parent will be able to attend a childcare setting from 1st June - however children aged 3 and 4 years could be prioritised. Settings will need to determine what they can offer depending on staff available, space and resources, so parents may not immediately have access to a place or the sessions they require or previously had.

If you are a critical worker and need urgent childcare please contact our team at:

Advice and Guidance:

  • More information on schools and childcare settings re-opening from 1st June can be found on the government website
  • If you are looking for advice, guidance or help, related to Covid19 in Staffordshire please visit Staffordshire County Council's main website
  • Some childcare settings on this website may not all re-open from 1st June

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