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Related information

*Carers Hub

The Carers Hub, a single point of contact for carers and their families.  We are here to improve the lives of carers of all ages through support, advice, information and training. To find out what is available, please see our website. Ways to get in…

*Everyone Health Falls Prevention Service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

Staffordshire County Council is working in partnership with Everyone Health to help you avoid any potential falls and their accompanying injuries. With our wealth of experience, combined with classes run by fully-trained instructors to help you with your balance, confidence and lower body strength, we…

*Everyone Health NHS Health Checks Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

WHAT IS AN NHS HEALTH CHECK?We’re all at risk of developing strokes, kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease as well as certain forms of dementia and an NHS Health Check can predict what your chances of developing these conditions are and, with this forewarning, help…

*Everyone Health Social isolation service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

If you’re feeling lonely or isolated from society, then we’re here to help. Not only will maintaining a socially interactive life help improve your mental health and make you happier, but avoiding social isolation will also improve your physical wellbeing as well. Studies indicate that…

*Everyone Health Staffordshire Service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

Whether you want help to quit smoking, lead a more active lifestyle, lose some weight, or simply take advantage of the NHS Health Checks we offer, Everyone Health can help you. We provide services with an integrated approach that look to not only help alleviate…

*Everyone Health Stop Smoking Service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

We all know of the serious health risks that come with a smoking habit, as well as the sheer expense that smoking entails these days. Both of these are fairly compelling reasons for you to consider quitting, and we’re here to help. Your local Stop…

*Everyone Health Weight Management Service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

Upping the amount of physical activity you do each week is a fantastic way to help you lose weight and, as a result, improve your overall health and wellbeing. In order to help you improve in these areas, Staffordshire County Council has teamed up with…

*Staffordshire mobile library routes and timetables

Staffordshire Libraries provide a library and information service to villages and other communities, sheltered housing and residential homes. Each mobile library carries around 3,500 items of stock including books for children and adults, talking books, local history and information. To check the route location and times, please see the Staffordshire…

10 minute physical activity workouts (NHS)

Short on time? Hate the gym? Too tired to exercise after work? These 10-minute workouts are just what you need. Visit the NHS Choices website to see the full list with in depth advice and instruction. These equipment-free fitness routines are great to do at home and…

2415 Squadron - Penkridge RAF Air Cadets

2415 (Penkridge) Squadron has a thriving community of Air Cadets, uniformed staff and civilian volunteers. As part of one of the largest youth organisations in the country we are tremendously proud of our squadron, our positive attitude, sense of friendship and fun, delivered in a highly professional and…
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