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    *Everyone Health Stop Smoking Service Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services

    Staffordshire County Council services/commissioned services
    We all know of the serious health risks that come with a smoking habit, as well as the sheer expense that smoking entails these days. Both of these are fairly compelling reasons for you to consider quitting, and we’re here to help. Your local Stop…

    Boots Stop Smoking Online Clinic

    What is Boots Stop Smoking Clinic for? By deciding to give up smoking, you’ve already taken the first step on a journey to living a healthier and longer life, particularly if you have heart or lung disease.  Our online clinic can give you access to…

    Find a Pharmacy (NHS Choices)

    Please use the NHS Choices Find a Pharmacy tool to find out where your local pharmacy is. Pharmacists can help you decide whether you need to see a health professional. They can help you consider the alternatives next time you are thinking of making a…

    Health Unlocked (social network)

    HealthUnlocked is a social network for health. By finding others with similar health backgrounds people can take on day to day health concerns together. And because our communities are set up by leading health organisations people have access to credible support. We believe good health…

    LLoyds Pharmacy Online Doctor

    Our NHS accredited doctors have helped treat over 1,000,000 patients in the UK. Our service is safe for you to get the treatments you need. Choose our convenient Same-Day Collection in over 1,900 stores, or FREE standard or Next-Day delivery. Please visit the online doctor…

    NHS Smokefree tools and app

    Choose from an app, Quit Kit, email, SMS and face-to-face guidance. Millions have used Smokefree support to help them stop smoking Visit the Smokefree website for free advice, guidance and information.

    ONE YOU healthy lifestyle apps and tools (NHS)

    There is a series of One Yous apps and information to help you with healthy eating, being more active, stopping smoking, feeling less stressed, getting more sleep and monitoring your drinking. Take the free One You health quiz to see how you score and start the fight…

    SmokeFree Baby App

    The SmokeFree Baby app provides you with expert advice on six core topics to help you tackle your smoking, such as coping with stress, managing urges to smoke and establishing a new indetity as a non-smoker. It also helps you keep track of your progress.…
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