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TabTime Ltd (medication management products)

Do you need a daily pill timer/reminder with lots of space for your tablets? The new Tabtime 4 holds up to 24 Aspirin sized tablets in each of the 4 compartments, that’s a capacity of almost 100 tablets per day! TabTime 4 also offers twin alarms, a flashing red LED and an audio alarm with a really good volume!

The idea for Tabtime was first conceived in 1988 but due to communication difficulties at that time (pre internet!) the idea was shelved only to be revived a few years later when the internet came about and we could ‘speak’ in real time to engineers & manufacturers anywhere in the world to discuss ideas & suggestions.

Through our own experience we knew that any pill, tablet or medication reminder would have to be compact enough to be carried comfortably in the pocket etc, efficient, reliable and economical, but probably most importantly, it would have to be very easy to operate and the Tabtime concept has always followed these basic tenets

The original Tabtime was a pocket or purse sized pillbox, with audio and visual alarms for the hard of hearing or for those quieter moments to remind the carrier that it was time to take their medication. It was easy to programme and remembered all the settings even when changing the battery. Of course, should the medication or dosage rate be changed, Tabtime could easily be re-programmed at any time! Our current products all follow these essential principles.

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TabTime Ltd

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2021
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