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pdnet - a network for those supporting learners with a physical disability

Pdnet is an umbrella organisation to provide professionals in education with support to deliver positive outcomes for children with a physical disability or need. We have regional groups which provide support and networking opportunities which are free to attend.

We have a strong commitment to developing and sharing effective educational practice and pedagogy for learners with physical disability.

Our Vision

Our vision is for children and young people with a physical disability to achieve as much as other learners at every phase of education, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Post-16 studies.

We want these children and young people to:

  • Be fully included in their school/learning community.
  • Actively take part in high quality learning activites with their peers.
  • Thrive and enjoy learning
  • Develop knowledge and skills so that they can go on to lead fulfilled lives as adults
  • Be empowered, confident and able to function as independently as possible.

Join us

Becoming a member is free and joining will give you access to our valuable online forum, CPD opportunities and termly updates. You’ll be joining our growing network of like-minded professionals all of whom are passionate about improving outcomes for learners with physical disability.

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Last updated: 04 Dec 2020
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