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It can be difficult to decide what to cook at mealtimes, especially when you have a family and need something that everyone will enjoy!  This page is dedicated to help you with: -

  • Meal inspiration and ideas for trying new recipes.
  • Cooking whilst keeping to tight a budget.
  • Ideas for meals that are healthy and nutritious
  • Recipes that are easy to follow for the novice cooks amongst us, some of our recipes also have a video for you to watch on our You Tube Channel.

Just click below on the recipe for a downloadable recipe card or on the video link to be taken to the YouTube Chanel.  If you try any of our recipes we would love for you to upload pictures onto your local Family Hub Facebook page.  Also let us know if you made any swaps, we can then share your ideas. 

We will be adding new recipes weekly, so keep on coming back for more!    

Main Meals

  1. Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe or Tuna Pasta Bake YouTube Video  
  2. Pasta Bolognese Recipe or Pasta Bolognese YouTube Video
  3. Beef Hotpot Recipe
  4. Chicken Kebab Recipe or Chicken Kebab Recipe YouTube Video
  5. Chickpea and Potato Curry Recipe
  6. Corned Beef Hash Recipe
  7. Cottage Pie Recipe or Cottage Pie Recipe YouTube Video
  8. Easy Cheese Pasta Recipe
  9. Easy Fish Burgers Recipe
  10. Easy Tortilla Pizzas Recipe or Easy Tortilla Pizzas YouTube Video
  11. Ham and Mushroom Pasta Recipe
  12. Jacket Potato, Tuna and Sweetcorn Recipe or Jacket Potato, Tuna and Sweetcorn YouTube Video
  13. Sausage and Bean Casserole Recipe
  14. Super Easy Lasagne Recipe or Super Easy Lasagne YouTube Video
  15. Toad in the Hole Recipe or Toad in the Hole YouTube Video
  16. Tomato Pasta Bake Recipe or Tomato Pasta Bake YouTube Video
  17. Various Toppings Omelette Recipe
  18. Vegetarian Chilli Recipe
  19. Easy Cheese Potato Pie Recipe or Easy Cheese and Potato Pie YouTube Video
  20. Chilli Con Carne Recipe or Chilli Con Carne YouTube Video
  21. Cheese and Bean Pasties Recipe or Cheese and Bean Pasties YouTube Video
  22. Amity Hub Special Chilli Con Carne Recipe or Amity Hub Special Chilli Con Carne YouTube Video  
  23. Chicken Noodle Stir Fry Recipe

Lunch or Snacks - These recipes can be used for lunch time, a quick snack or as part of your main meal 

  1. Bacon and Egg Bagel Recipe or Bacon and Egg Bagel YouTube Video
  2. Boiled Egg and Soldiers Recipe
  3. Cheese and Bacon Loaded Skins Recipe or Cheese and Bacon Loaded Skins YouTube Video
  4. Cheesy Coleslaw Recipe or Cheesy Coleslaw Recipe YouTube Video
  5. Cheesy Scones Recipe
  6. Cheesy Toastie Recipe or Cheesy Toastie YouTube Video
  7. Crustless Quiche Recipe
  8. Fishfinger Sandwich Recipe or Fish Finger Sandwich YouTube Video
  9. Ham and Tomato Crumpets Recipe
  10. Hummus Lunch Ideas or Hummus YouTube Video
  11. Pizza Muffins Recipe or Pizza Muffins YouTube Video
  12. Potato Wedges Recipe
  13. Salad Wrap Recipe
  14. Scrummy Scones Recipe or Scrummy Scones YouTube Video
  15. Straight from the Fridge Omelette Recipe 
  16. Summer Salad Recipe
  17. Veggie Frittata Recipe or Veggie Frittata YouTube Video
  18. One Pot Pasta Recipe or One Pot Pasta YouTube Video
  19. Eggy Bread Recipe or Eggy Bread YouTube Video
  20. Stuffed Peppers with Couscous Recipe or Stuffed Pepper with Couscous You
  21. Cheese Muffins Recipe or Cheese Muffins YouTube Video


  1. Banana and Oat Yogurt Pots Recipe or Banana and Oat Yogurt Pots YouTube Video
  2. Banana and Orange Oat Bars Recipe or Banana and Orange Oat Bars YouTube Video 
  3. Banana Loaf Recipe or Banana Loaf YouTube Video
  4. Choco Popcorn Cakes Recipe
  5. Chocolate Brownie in a Mug Recipe
  6. Easy Cupcakes Recipe or Easy Cupcakes YouTube Video
  7. Easy Peely Banana Ice-Cream Recipe or Easy Peely Banana Ice-Cream YouTube Video
  8. Flapjacks Recipe
  9. Frozen Yogurt Lolllies Recipe
  10. Jelly Mousse Recipe or Jelly Mousse YouTube Video
  11. Raspberry Cheesecake Pots Recipe
  12. Refrigerator Cake Recipe or Refrigerator Cake YouTube Video
  13. Rice Crispy Cakes Recipe or Rice Crispy Cakes YouTube Video
  14. Shortbread Biscuit Recipe or Shortbread Biscuit YouTube Video
  15. Very Berry Crumble Recipe or Very Berry Crumble YouTube Video
  16. Sweet and Savoury Pancakes Recipe or Sweet and Savoury Pancakes YouTube Video 
  17. Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe or Chocolate Chip Cookies YouTube Video
  18. Fruit Kebab Recipe or Fruit Kebab YouTube Video
  19. Banana Split Pops Recipe or Banana Split Pops YouTube Video
  20. Kay's Banana Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe or Kay's Bread and Butter Pudding YouTube Video
  21. Banana Pancakes Recipe or Banana Pancakes YouTube Video

Bitesized Recipes

These are small simple bitesized YouTube videos that show recipes in a quick and easy video format for you to enjoy making within your own home.

  1. How to make Easy Bread Rolls YouTube Video
  2. How to make Chicken and Courgette Pasta YouTube Video    

Quick and Easy Meals

Toasted bread with toppings is a favorite speedy meal for many whilst being easy to make and affordable.  There list could be endless but some of the less common toppings for ideas are: -

  • Avocado.
  • Red pepper and goats cheese.
  • Pesto and lemon.
  • Hummus with sliced beetroot.
  • Cheese with chopped grapes.
  • Peanut butter and chopped banana.
  • Crushed peas with mint.
  • Mashed chickpeas with lemon.

We also must not forget the Staffordshire Oatcake, a cheap and versatile treat that is cheap to buy, these can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings.  

Hints and Tips 

  • Why not swap the ingredients to make new recipes that meet your tastes or dietary requirements.
  • Get the whole family involved, everyone is more likely to taste and eat new foods if they help to create the meals.


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