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Horton Lodge Community Special School

Horton Lodge is a primary school for children with Physical Disabilities and many of our pupils have additional learning difficulties and complex communication needs. The school also supports pupils with additional visual and/or hearing impairments. The school has a Conductive Education ethos with a strong focus on independence. Horton Lodge also has a residential provision called Kiplings (Placements are made in line with the Local Authority residential admissions process).

Horton Lodge welcomes you to visit our website for more information or to contact the school office to find out more.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Sarah Latham
Contact Position
01538 306214
Horton Lodge website

Where to go

Horton Lodge Community Special School
Reacliffe Road
Nr Leek
ST13 8RB Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)

Local Offer


Aims and Ethos

At Horton Lodge School our aim is to ensure that every child develops to their full potential in their learning, physical, independence and social skills. We aim to  be a centre of expertise and to provide support for parents and the wider community.

This is achieved through the following ethos and values

  1. To ensure equal opportunities and accessibility
  2. To promote each child’s holistic development including their individual approach to independence and communication
  3. To provide a high quality, specialist education which meets the needs of every individual
  4. To ensure meaningful assessment procedures are in place
  5. To ensure outstanding attainment and achievement for all our children which is celebrated
  6. To ensure a safe and secure learning environment including robust safeguarding
  7. To maintain the highest standards of care and embed dignity and respect in all that we do
  8. To maintain a communication-rich environment where pupil voice is cultivated
  9. To shape effective attitudes/behaviours for learning and life through our underpinning behaviour principles
  10. To ensure a positive climate and environments for learning
  11. To develop each child personally through the provision of spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision and education
  12. To create a warm and friendly school for pupils, parents, staff and visitors
  13. To continually seek to develop our staff and the expertise within school
  14. To work in partnership with parents and other agencies to achieve best outcomes for pupils and their families



Our curriculum provides a personalised approach to learning with communication and independence at the heart. The pupils' curriculum is planned and delivered using a CE ethos. We provide the specialist knowledge and skills to meet the needs of each individual within the school.

The High Quality teaching and learning provided ensures that children are challenged and independence is promoted.

The Key goal of Conductive Education is to develop a child's personality and nurture a positive approach to all learning.

Pupils progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is differentiated to meet the children's' needs, and then join a pathway through the curriculum;

  • Pathway 1 - a pre-formal curriculum for children with complex and profound learning difficulties, using sensory approaches to develop skills for learning
  • Pathway 2 - semi-formal curriculum for children with a range of severe and complex needs. The curriculum builds on children's interests and learning is relevant to their lives in the present and in the future
  • Pathway 3 - a more formal curriculum for children who are engaging in subject specific learning alongside developing skills for life.



To support our curriculum we have many specialist facilities including a hydrotherapy pool, trampoline for Rebound Therapy, sensory room, specialist and adapted playground, specialist equipment to support the physical development of our children, for example, parallel bars, ladder, hoists, as well as a large undercover area to develop gross motor skills, soft play equipment and adapted bikes.

Links with External Professionals

We acknowledge that in order for our pupils to succeed, each child will need a team of professionals around them.

We have a specialist school nurse who works closely with school staff to ensure that all medical needs are met and that staff are adequately training. The school nurse offers relaxation sessions, 1:1 drop in sessions and support for parents also.

Pupils are also supported by Physiotherapists who deliver 1:1 treatments, write physical management programmes and plans and advise on seating and posture support.

Horton Lodge staff work closely with the Hearing/Visual Impairment teams, as well as Speech and Language Therapists and other professionas as identified in EHCPs.

Kiplings (residential provision)

We are contracted by Staffordshire to provide residential education for three nights a week. There are two options available - Res1 is after school activities and dinner at school, Res2 is the same as Res1 but children then sleep over too.

Kiplings works with the same ethos as school, in that it aims to develop skills and knowledge and work towards independence using the specialist skillset of staff that is not available in other settings.

The staff that work in Kiplings also work across the school so that they are familair to the pupils.

Our Kiplings provision was graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in January 2019.


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