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*Equipment for Post-16 Students in FE Colleges with a sensory impairment

In order to provide mainstream further education colleges and Education Funding Agency (EFA) funded training providers with access to specialist equipment for students, who are resident in Staffordshire with sensory impairments, Staffordshire County Council has negotiated a specific service with the Specialist Support Service.

Service available

Provision of radio aids, braillers and other specialist Hearing Impairment or Visual Impairment access technology at an annual rental cost representing ¼ of the total retail price.

Rental costs will include the set up, initial training in use and periodic review/service provided by a Specialist Teacher of the Deaf or Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

Where a young person has an Education Health and Care Plan, the provision of the specialist technology will be detailed.

Specialist equipment provided will be age appropriate and advice given will draw on the Hearing Impairment/Visual Impairment Service’s knowledge of the young person's needs.

The Hearing Impairment/Visual Impairment  Service, further education colleges and students/parents will be expected to sign an agreement detailing the terms of the rental (see Appendix 1).

Staffordshire County Council will include the cost of rental within the total support costs where a student is deemed to be high needs and the equipment is identified in the Education Health and Care Plan. 


The student benefits from provision and set up of equipment by a specialist teacher understanding their needs.

The college benefits financially in not being required to purchase outright equipment that may not longer be of use to them after the period of the student’s course.

The college benefits from specialist advice on equipment, set up and service.

Request Process

Advice and equipment are available from the Specialist Support Service, Sensory team Head, Elaine Harlin.  Please provide student name, date of birth and copy of Education Heatlh and Care Plan/Person Centred Plan where appropriate.

Further information on the Specialist Support Service's post 16 offer.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Specialist Support Service
Contact Position
Sensory Team Head
01785 356 830
Last updated: 07 May 2020
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