Positive Directions

We will support young people aged between 15-24 to develop the capability and capacity to progress into learning, training and or work. The programme will target those who are Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) and at risk of becoming NEET, in particular those who face complex and multiple barriers to participation and progression. Advice and Guidance services and intensive support will enable young people and adults across Staffordshire to achieve their potential

Who can use your service?

Young People between 15 & 24 must fall into one of these categories - At Risk/NEET, unemployed or economically inactive.

Are there any costs?


How can I refer?

By direct referral.

What happens after referral?

Specialist information advice and guidance tutor(s) will discuss support needed on a 1-1 basis.

Who will we see?

Information Advice and Guidance mentors and or fully trained tutors will offer support to excite young people about their future lives and raise their aspirations about what they can achieve.

What happens when I come to the service?

Impartial guidance and specialist support to help young people understand themselves and their needs, confront barriers, resolve conflicts, and develop new perspectives. Young people will have the information they need to make well-informed and realistic decisions about learning and help them make progress.

What happens when I become an adult?

Young people reaching the upper age limit into adulthood will have support, advice and guidance on developing self, dealing with problems in daily life, managing money and appropriate personal & professional behaviours.

Those young adults who may need specialist support or help with personal development, confidence building and or self-esteem are given the support they need to overcome barriers and help them grow.

How do I find out more? 

Positive Directions - In conjunction with Skills Training UK

PET-Xi - Dave Lewis: 

Tel: 07852 030 329

Email: dlewis@pet-xi.co.uk   

Curriculum: Bespoke GCSE tuition, ICT, IT User Skills in Open Systems and Enterprise, functional skills – Maths, English, confidence and motivation, one-to-one mentoring.

Every participant will have a dedicated Key Worker for the duration of the programme. Our staff are from a variety of backgrounds including youth offending, drugs, mental health, social work & health workers and will be matched to the needs of the individual learner.

Coverage – Predominately working with Schools across the Staffordshire region.

Stoke Council – Christopher Wakefield

Tel: 07557 848779

Email: Christopher.Wakefield@stoke.gov.uk   

Curriculum: Level One e-Safety, Award & Certificate in Employability Skills, Award in Business, Customer service. Functional Skills – Maths & English. A range of personal support and training offered to overcome barriers to work, dedicated learning mentors and tutors will help address personal and social barriers to learning.

Coverage: Stoke & Staffordshire

Entrust – Shaun Riley

Tel: 07583 018162

Email: shaun.riley@entrust-ed.co.uk

Curriculum: Curriculum: Award in Occupational Studies for the workplace, Award in Employability, Deciding on the right job for you, Understanding Mindset, Writing a CV,  Functional Skills – ICT, Maths & English,, Customer service, First Aid, Health and Safety at Work, Problem Solving Skills, Working as a volunteer, working in a team, Improving own confidence, Time management skills, 

Non-regulated bespoke courses such as, confidence and motivation, anger management, behaviour in the workplace, employability. Mentoring, coaching and careers guidance.

Coverage: Chase District, Stafford, South Staffs and schools across county (where we have good relationships).


Age Ranges
15-24 years


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