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Zoom sessions can be delivered any day including evenings and weekends


Active Support is a systematic approach to assisting people with intellectual disabilities to become more engaged in a range of every day activities that are meaningful to them and enhances their quality of life.  It is a person centred  approach, in that the support provided is individualised according to the interests and needs of each person supported.

Over the past 40 years research has consistently demonstrated that where Active Support is implemented organisationally, (and supported by knowledgeable practice leaders), people with intellectual disabilities become more involved and take part in everyday activities, acquire new skills, show improvement in mental health and show positive changes in their behaviour.  Importantly, Active Support can benefit people with a range of support needs.  However, some of the greatest successes have been observed when it has been applied to the support of people with extensive to pervasive support needs and/or challenging behaviour.  (Sandcliffe, Jones, Mansell, & Lowe, 2008)

Essentially Active Support involves training staff in specific skills and procedures to focus their work on the direct support of people in meaningful activities, and to establish formal systems that allow for on going evaluation and modification of service provision informed by measurable outcomes for individuals.

However, much more that just staff training is needed to establish and sustain Active Support. Effective training strategies need to be a combination of different training techniques reinforced by on going management attention and support via observation coaching and feedback.

Active Support is the pre-cursor to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).  You can ‘do’ Active Support without PBS but you cannot  ‘do’ PBS without Active Support.

It is always best to discuss with the trainer your specific needs relating to Active Support as the consultant trainer can tailor the session to the needs of the group and specific outcomes.

Below are some examples sessions:

  1. Introduction to Active Support - Online 3-hour Session via ZOOM - £250

During this 3-hour online session, staff will become more aware of  Active Support, and how to work in this way using simple tools. How support should be to carried out   going from a carer to an enabler - more important  than ever in the face of limited opportunities to be involved in activities both  outside and inside peoples homes and in the community.

This session is suitable for Area managers, managers and support staff, who require a general awareness of Active Support.  The trainer will aim the session to who is attending.

The session will cover:

  • What is Active Support?
  • Providing support that promotes participation and engagement – Positive Interaction
  • Looking for opportunities to engage people in meaningful activities at home and in their community
  • Ideas for outcome monitoring
  • Barriers

For Active Support to become embedded in services the research consistently shows that Practice Leaders, will need a higher level of understanding of Active Support and Coaching.  They will be supporting their team on return to the service.

  1. Introduction to the Theory of Coaching staff teams in Active Support - Online 4-hour  Session via ZOOM - £300

During this 4 hour session you will become more aware of your responsibility in supporting your team to use the tools of Active Support.  You will learn simple observation, monitoring and feedback techniques to deliver both formally and informally.  Without practice leadership Active Support fails to embed in the service.

This session is suitable for managers, team leaders or staff that provide coaching and supervision.  The delegates will need an understanding of Active Support so attending the Awareness Session is advisable

This session will cover:

  • How to support your team to put the theory of positive interaction into practice – taking the learning from the classroom.
  • How to support your team to work using Positive Interaction to match the needs and abilities of the individuals they support.
  • To help your team to organise the environment to promote greater levels of participation
  • To practice using plans and forms
  • Role play – observation coaching and feedback


Organisational Readiness – 4 Hour Zoom Session - £275

During this 4 Hour session will recap Active Support, what it looks like and barriers to implementation.

This session is suitable for senior managers within an organisation. 

This session will cover:

  • Review of Active Support
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Systems needed to be reviewed – are we ready
  • Marketing
  • Practice Leaders
  • Training
  • Implementation Plan


Further Sessions are available via Zoom re: Communication, Positive Behaviour Support.

Please contact:

Christine Rose

Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support Consultant

Telephone 07917523778


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