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Autism and Complex Needs School

Residential and Day school for Students aged 8 - 18 with Autism and Complex Needs

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Contact Name
Graham Hertz
Contact Position
01543 473772

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Options Trent Acres School
Alrewas Road
Kings Bromley
DE13 7HR
Districts covered
All Staffordshire
East Staffordshire
South Staffordshire
Staffordshire Moorlands
All Staffordshire
Cannock Chase





Options Trent Acres

Alrewas Road,

Kings Bromley

Staffs DE13 7HR

Tel: 01543 473772


Options Trent Acres is a Residential Special School compromising of 3 care homes and an on-site education school. The school accepts both residential and day students.


Options Trent Acres caters for mixed gender pupils and students aged 8 – 18 who have complex needs, including Autism.



This Policy is developed in line with the Revised SEN Code of Practice 2015.


All children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they:

  • achieve their best
  • become confident individuals living fulfilling lives
  • make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training


Trent Acres School subscribes to the Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years Statutory guidance for organisations who work with and support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities including complex needs and autism.



Local Offer:



The Local Offer has two key purposes:

  • To provide clear, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information about the available provision and how to access it, and
  • To make provision more responsive to local needs and aspirations by directly involving disabled children and those with SEN and their parents, and disabled young people and those with SEN, and service providers in its development and review.



How does the setting know if young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my young person may have special educational needs? 



Trent Acres School offers a comprehensive, robust induction programme for all pupils and students joining the school. This induction consists of robust educational assessments, including Maths and English as well as assessing multiple intelligences, learning styles and life skills.  Trent Acres School is fully supported by outside agencies and partnership teams of key professionals who gain a full picture of each individual’s needs. This robust programme ensures that Trent Acres School identifies and assess individual needs as early and as thoroughly as possible. Professionals work to identify appropriate supporting strategies and develop individualised learning routes for all, which takes into account therapeutic and holistic needs. Identification of learners with SEND and complex needs include:

·         Liaisons with previous schools/services

·         Performing data and previous assessment

·         Liaising with external agencies

·         Previous review meeting minutes.

·         Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires.


All pupils and students are educated in an inclusive environment alongside their peers to enable each individual to reach their full potential with appropriate staffing levels.

All pupils and students are offered appropriate and flexible forms of educational provision, by the most efficient use of all available resources.


Partnership working with Parents, Guardians, Carers, Social Workers and Placing Authorities is integral to the success of making progress. Concerning parties are advised to contact the school if they have any questions regarding educational development and they will be fully involved in any assessment processes, planning and reviews. Each individual has a personal tutor who is a point of contact as well as the Designated Teacher.


All pupils and students with complex needs are able to access their entitlement to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum as part of the whole school community. Levels of additional support for learning are linked to the wide variety of individual learning needs, while enhancing self-esteem and confidence.


All staff receive up to-date-and ongoing training relevant to meet the needs of pupils, students and the school.








How will staff support my young person?  



Trent Acres School offers education to both girls and boys aged 8-18 and each pupil/student has a personal tutor. All pupils/students are educated in small groups or individually and each has an individualised and personalised timetable.


Regular staff meetings allow for the sharing of information and strategy discussions.





How will the curriculum be matched to my young person's needs? 



Trent Acres School places each individual at the heart of the curriculum and offers individualised timetables and learning routes for all. These routes are carefully planned, taking in to account information from parents/carers, initial assessments, professional reports and links these factors with the interests and aspirations of each individual. Personal Centred Plans (PCP) are carefully calculated, taking into account key information and supporting strategies. These are reviewed regularly with Social Workers, Authorities, Parent/Guardians and the pupil/student, ensuring there is joined up learning and support for all pupils/students.


Trent Acres School offers small group settings with additional support if required, in order to build relationships and ensure all individual needs are fully supported.  All pupils/students are entitled to participate in all areas of the curriculum and it is the subject deliverer’s role to differentiate lessons, resources and activities to ensure that all students can access learning.  To enhance learning for individuals a teacher/instructor may use:

·         Visual, auditory or kinaesthetic activities

·         Small group or individual learning with additional support

·         Pre-teaching content or vocabulary

·         Over-learning topics

·         Alternative activities for home learning

·         Specially targeted texts and resources appropriate for students’ reading ages

·         Additional apparatus or materials

·         Adapted and adjusted resources and materials to make them accessible for students with specific learning difficulties

·         Opportunities for learning outside of the classroom

·         Relaxation and mediation sessions

·         Mindfulness and multi-sensory stimulation.


At Key Stage 4 students may choose from a range of GCSE, BTEC and vocational courses, which help to prepare them for the next steps in their education, be that an external college, an apprenticeship or work placement.  Students and parents/carers are offered advice and careers guidance at the appropriate time to help make these important decisions. This is provided by Staffordshire ENTRUST services.







How will both you and I know how my young person is doing and how will you help me to support my young person's learning?  



Following completion of an induction and initial baseline assessment at Trent Acres School an Individual Education Plan (Personal Centred Plan) is produced. This includes targets that inform curriculum planning and support teachers to progress all pupils/students. Teacher assessments occur every half term and are followed by academic progress days which allows the designated Form Tutor to discuss to targets set and how progress will meet these targets. Outside of these meetings, Trent Acres School offer an open door policy where social workers, authorities, parent/guardian and carers are welcome to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff and discuss any concerns or ask any questions.



What support will there be for my young person's overall wellbeing?



Child wellbeing is at the heart of the curriculum at Trent Acres School. All pupils and students are allocated their own personal form tutor whose role is both academic and pastoral, providing an opportunity for review of learning and ensure that any pastoral needs are identified and met.


Trent Acres School has Designated Safeguarding Officers and First Aid Trained Staff. All staff are trained in Core Safeguarding, Child Protection and E-Safety principles. The school operates a Positive Behaviour Policy and delivers a broad Curriculum that allows individuals to access a wide range of PHSE/Citizenship/Life Skill themes including Relationships, Rights and Responsibilities, British Values and Money Management.  The curriculum is also enhanced by extra-curricular themed days.






What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting?



Trent Acres School is fully supported by external and internal professional multi-disciplinary teams. The makeup of these teams reflects our commitment to holistically and therapeutic support. This level of support may include the services of:

·         Clinical Psychologists

·         Educational Psychologists

·         Medical support services

·         CAMHS

·         ENTRUST Careers Advice Service








What training are the staff supporting young people with SEND have had or are having?



The provision for training needs is overseen by the Head Teacher. Trent Acres School has a suitably qualified and experienced SENCo and employs a range of staff suited to the needs of individuals with a range of complex needs, including Autism.  Any additional required training is provided by Options Autism and Learning Difficulties.


The school maintains up to date knowledge of current SEND good practice and methodology in order to offer any support and training in these areas to all staff in the school.







How will my young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips? 



Trent Acres School fosters the view of ‘learning outside of the classroom’ acknowledging that learning is enhanced further through educational visits, joined up learning opportunities, work related learning opportunities and work experience.  All visits are extensively risk assessed to ensure that activities are safe to undertake, they will also make recommendations for modifications to ensure activities are accessible to all or ensure alternative activities are available.







How accessible is the setting?



Trent Acres School was opened during the Autumn Term 2017 having previously operated at Hillcrest Oaklands College. It is located in 12 acres of Staffordshire countryside on the outskirts of Kings Bromley.  It has a new capacity for 21 pupils/students; 18 residential across 3 care homes and 3 day students. Education is provided on-site for all pupils/residents. The buildings were fully refurbished in 2015 and again in 2017 in line with a change of provision. The School has 9 designated inside learning areas including classrooms for English and Maths, a Science Lab, ICT suite, Food Technology Room, Hair and Beauty Salon, an Art Studio and a Therapy Room. There is access to an Outdoor Gymnasium as well as an extensive range of animals including Horses, Donkeys, Alpacas Goats and Chickens. The School also has a small animal area with rabbits and guinea pigs.








How will the setting prepare and support my young person to join the setting or the next stage of education and life?



With support from extensive internal and external partnerships Trent Acres School prepares all pupils/students for their next phases in life and learning early on in the curriculum.  Students at KS3 and KS4 have the opportunity to meet with the local careers adviser (ENTRUST) who assists and supports with transitional planning and career pathways. Where necessary students are provided with a range of work related learning opportunities and fully supported to participate in these across a variety of sectors with staff support where needed.  The School has developed extensive links and with local FE Colleges in order to provide some students future opportunities to access education in mainstream settings.  









How are the setting’s resources allocated and matched to young people's special educational needs? 



All pupils/students participate in well-planned, individualised learning programmes which takes into account personal needs, targets, interests and aspirations, underpinned by differentiated support and essential resources. Small group settings are supported by a range of experienced and qualified staff.  Individual teaching sessions are incorporated for those who may thrive and benefit from this setting, whether this is in a particular subject area(s) or across the curriculum. Internal and External agencies may offer to support and/or work directly with individuals on a personal basis or within a small group setting; the level of intervention support dependant on assessment outcomes and learner’s need.  Regular reviews of targets, interventions and progress meetings enable all professionals involved with the student to assess progress and identify specific areas of additional support if needed. Learning areas may be modified in order to meet the needs of individuals and additional specialist equipment or software is available to support if required.








How is the decision made about what type and how much support my young person will receive? 



During the pre-assessment stage the type and level of support required is agreed with input from multi-disciplined professionals. Targets are reviewed regularly to ensure progress is being made and this is shared at review meetings. Additional support, resources and equipment are available to everyone involved in the learning process in order to ensure that each individuals needs are met.








How are parents involved in the setting? How can I be involved?



All partnerships are fundamental to the success of all students.

Parents (Guardians, Carers) are invited to attend regular reviews of progress and achievement, and contribute to all review meetings.

Parents (Guardians, Carers) are also invited to attend any school events throughout the academic year.  These may include Sports Days, Open Days and Celebration Days.










Impact will be measured through:



The impact of Options Trent Acre School on pupils/students will be evidenced through:

·         Progress reviews

·         Celebration and Achievement of or exceeding expected progress

·         Positive verbal feedback

·         Praise and encouragement

·         Formal or informal observations of students at school

·         Formative and Summative Assessments





Options Trent Acres School

Alrewas Road

Kings Bromley

Staffs DE13 7HR


September 2017

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