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Children's rheumatology/musculoskeletal service (includes trauma and orthopaedic hands

Provides a service to children up to 16 years of age who are under the care of:

  • A rheumatologist at the Haywood Hospital
  • Fracture clinic hand surgeon as a result of hand injury or trauma

Who can use your service?

Those under:

  • a consultant rheumatologist 
  • hand surgeon from fracture clinic at University Hospital North Midlands.

Are there any costs?

There are no costs.

How do I refer?

  • Via pink Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust therapy services referral form
  • Rheumatology clinic letter
  • Fracture clinic letter

Referrals are only accepted: 

  • via rheumatology team at the Haywood – patients must be under the care of a rheumatologist at the Haywood
  • via hand surgeons at University Hospital North Midlands for those that live in North of Stoke-on-Trent area

What happens after referral?

An outpatient appointment to attend the Occupational Therapy department at the Haywood for an assessment of the individual’s needs will be arranged either via telephone or post.

Who will we see?

For those referred by the rheumatology service - an Occupational Therapist specialised in rheumatological conditions.

For those under fracture clinic / hand surgeons at University Hospital North Midlands – an Occupational Therapist specialised in trauma & orthopaedic hands.

What happens when I come to the service?

An assessment will be completed and an individualised treatment plan formulated in discussion with individual and carers.

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Last updated: 25 Jul 2019
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