Recording of Webinar - Preparing for Adulthood Social Care and Travel Training

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Social Care and Travel Training - recording of a webinar

This is the second of a series of online presentations.  They have been developed to inform parents of young people in Year 9 and above with an Education, Health and Care Plan about relevant topics on preparing for adulthood.

The webinar will provide information for parents about

  • social care service's input into preparing young people for adulthood and
  • travel training.  

It has been prepared jointly by Entrust Skills and Employability Service and Staffordshire County Council.

The session will enable you to have a greater awareness of

  • Who might benefit from social care input.
  • How and when to request social care support.
  • The social care journey.
  • How to search for social care opportunities.
  • The benefits of and how to request travel training for your young adult.

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