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Payroll Masters - Established since 2005

Monday - Friday. 9am -1pm, then 2pm - 5pm

Our Prices:

Payroll Fees - £5.99 per payslip

Managed Account service - £9.99 per month

Online DBS checks - £59.50 per check

Our services: Payroll, Managed accounts, Pension, DBS checks, HR & Employment support, PA Recruitment, Direct payments advice & support

Payroll Masters was founded in 2005 by business partners Prosper and Tahir. Based in Birmingham, we work across the UK.

Our knowledge and expertise goes beyond Payroll and into the heart of Direct Payments support and advice, driven by and influenced by the voice of our service users.

Whether you are an organisation or Individual Direct payments user, we are here to take away the stress and hassle of managing your Payroll and Direct payments.

Our fully 'accessible' website is at hand to provide you with full information on our services and also for you to use when applying for 'ONLINE' DBS checks and submitting your timesheets 'ONLINE' to us.

You can also contact us for further information on 01827 700 465 or 0800 073 0039.

The Direct Payments support and advice we offer:

We are friendly and approachable. When you are in doubt about any aspect of Direct Payment or Individual Budgets relating to payroll services, or any of the other services we offer, we are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Payroll Masters Will Assist You With

  • Identifying and costing the right care package for you and offering you employer training and money management advice
  • Assist you with setting up all the employer liability insurances and identifying a payroll service (if this is needed)
  • We will assist you to recruit and draw up effective employment contracts for your new personal assistants
  • We will offer you advice and support on all matters relating to your duties as a new or ongoing employer
  • We will offer training to your employees on how to be effective personal assistants
  • We will support you as an employer, where there are staff disputes and problems we will assist in finding solutions

Our Payroll Service

As we were originally set up right at the beginning of the implementation of Direct Payments and have personal life experiences of living with, working with and supporting disabled people receiving Direct Payments and Personal Budgets, we have a unique understanding of providing a 'Person centred' payroll service.

What we will do for you:

  • Registering of the service user as a new employer with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Acting as an agent and corresponding with HMRC on behalf of the service user
  • Payroll processing in stipulated frequencies weekly/monthly/4 weekly and so on
  • Quarterly/monthly calculation of tax and NI liabilities due to HMRC and assisting with forwarding payment
  • New starter and leavers administration
  • End of Year administration, P11s and producing your employees' P60s (at no additional cost)
  • Processing student Loans, court orders, SSP, maternity pay, paternity pay and holiday pay (at no additional cost)
  • Holiday pay monitoring/tracking and communicating it to employee/employer on demand

Additionally, at no extra cost:

  • You will enjoy having employee payslips which clearly tell you how much HOLIDAY ENTITLEMENT your employee has
  • You will be able to have UNLIMITED payslip re-prints
  • You will be able to submit your employees' timesheets ONLINE via our website portal
  • You will be assigned your own dedicated Payroll account manager

Our Pension Administration Service for Payroll

We will take care of:

  • Managing opt-outs and in
  • Enrolling employees into pension schemes
  • Periodic pension contribution payments calculation
  • Periodic preparation of pension contribution reports
  • Periodic uploading of pension contribution reports onto regulator’s interface
  • Paying pension contributions to regulator by deadline of 22nd monthly
  • Reconciling payments made to regulator with periodic pension contribution report
  • Monitoring and reporting periodic employee changes to the pension regulator (i.e. notifying them when an employee leaves employment)
  • Dealing with pension related queries from service users
  • Dealing with pension related queries from the individual employees
  • Dealing with pension related queries from the pension regulator
  • Dealing with pension related queries from Council

Managed Account Service

Also referred to as a Third Party Supported Account (TPSA).

This is an account which Payroll Masters provide to a service user who would otherwise be unable to manage their own Direct Payments or Individual Budget funds without support.

What we will do for you:

  • Payroll Masters will hold the service users’ funds in the Payroll Masters bank account and use those funds to pay service invoices and PAs or carers timesheets, submitted by an authorised service provider or the service use
  • Pay all authorised invoices and Personal Assistant or carer’s timesheets directly to the service provider or PA or carer on behalf of the service user. Up to 7 payment transactions per month
  • Provide the service user and Council with an income and expenditure report showing how the service user’s funds have been used
  • Act as the service user’s trouble shooter in ensuring that all the submitted invoices and timesheets are properly verified, authorised and checked before any payments are made against them
  • With Payroll Masters running this account for a service user, the service user can be assured that they will not have any financial compliance problems with the Council

Recruitment Support

Personal assistants or carers can help you to live an independent life in your own home, some people might only need assistance for a few hours a week or you may need care though the day and night.  Whatever your requirements it is essential to employ the right carers and personal assistants.  Payroll Masters can help you in very practical ways with this task.

What We Will Do for You

  • Support you with drafting job adverts and placing them in various locations and media to achieve applicant interest in your job vacancy
  • We will act as your secure postal address service to safeguard your confidentiality and identity (for applications resulting from job adverts)
  • Support you with putting together interview questions, letters and finding or deciding on interview venues
  • Support you with identity checks and ‘right to work checks’
  • Provide you with tips on how to select applicants to interview based on what outcome you want to achieve
  • Perform Police checks (DBS checks) on your employees (if needed)

We advise all of our clients to perform Police checks on their staff, before employing them permanently. Payroll Masters are able to perform DBS checks on your personal assistants and carers at a cost of £63.50, with a quick 48 hour turn around period in some cases through our DBS umbrella partner.

Employment and HR Support

Through our two HR partners we provide help and advice on all aspects of managing your employee and support you with being able to meet your Employer obligations.

We offer unlimited telephone support, in conjunction with a trusted HR provider, Mark Bates (Premier Care), who are at hand to support you with all your Employment advice and support on the 24 Hour legal helpline below:

0161 603 2167 or Email:

DBS Checks

Applying for a DBS check with Payroll Masters is easy and quick, and we are here to help if you have any difficulties completing the application process.

Payroll Masters offers a full 'ONLINE' DBS (formally CRB) checking service, with 96% of our DBS applicants receiving their DBS certificates within 7 days.




Who to contact

Contact Name
Jessica Tye
Contact Position
Payroll Manager
01827 700 465
0800 073 0039
Payroll Masters

Where to go

Southside Business Centre
Unit 24c
249 Ladypool Road
West Midlands
B12 8LF Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
Payroll service (£5.99 per payslip) item
Managed Accounts service ( £9.99) per month
DBS checks (£59.50 per check) item
Employment support & HR advice (£19.00) per month
Service is Free


Referral required
Referral Details

INDIVIDUAL Direct payment users - You can simply contacts us directly, no referral needed.

COUNCILS/SOCIAL workers - Please contact us for a referral form


Other notes

We offer full nationwide support whether you are local to us or not.

Home visits and joint-visits are available.

Last updated: 24 Jun 2020
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