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AV1 Bot - distance learning avatar for children and young people with long term illness

Our mission is to reduce loneliness and social isolation through warm technology.

What is AV1 Bot?

When a pupil can’t attend class in person, AV1 takes their place. AV1 is the distance learning avatar that makes it possible for children and young adults with long-term illness to take part at school via an app on their phone or tablet.  Features of the AV1:

● a social and education communication tool

● the pupil’s eyes, ears, and voice in the classroom

● App controlled

● has multiple inbuilt security features

● WiFi and 4G connectivity

● 6 hour battery life

● Designed and manufactured in Norway

Who can it help?

Other Local authorities have reported using the AV1s with pupils with:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Immune deficiency
  • Cancer patients
  • Anxious School Refusers
  • Primary pupils at risk of permanent exclusion
  • Pupils thinking about moving into elective home education
  • Supporting pupils on reduced timetables
  • Pupils who have gone into interim care – keep links with their home school 
  • Pupils with ASC awaiting special school placement

What are the benefits?

  • Prevents isolation and enables pupils to fulfil their potential.

  • Improved attendance rates as pupils are marked as present for the lessons, they participate in through the AV1.

  • Improved wellbeing of pupils.

  • Continuing to receive education in a mainstream school with teachers they know and know them.

  • It enables pupils to access as many or as few classes they feel able to in any given day.

  • The AV1 provides seamless support out of and back into education, keeping in touch with their teachers and “normal” teaching.

  • It has been used across all key stages including post 16 and early years.

  • Utilises its own 4G network but can be set up using the school’s internet.

  • Desktop size and can be carried around the school by pupils or staff. 

Can it be cleaned/COVID safe?

Yes, able to be cleaned so Covid safe.

What about privacy and safeguarding?

  • Cannot record data
  • Software prohibits screen shots
  • Clearly visible when active, a one-user devise protected by a 4-digit pin code
  • Schools provided with publicity material for students, staff and parents
  • End to end encryption

Do we need consent for use in the classroom?

No legal requirement to gain agreement from other parents for its use due to GDPR compliance – draft information letters are available for schools to use

Do we need to undertake a risk assessment for it’s use?

There is a risk assessment available for schools to use.

What attendance mark do schools use?


How many AV1s does Staffordshire County Council have?

We have purchased 10 as a pilot and they are allocated to pupils via our APP (Alternative Provision Panel).

What about the unions?

This has been presented to our teacher's unions and they were very supportive of this initiative and would like an update on this pilot later in the academic year.

Is the robot kept in school full time?

Yes until the Bot is no longer required by the pupil.  At this point it is returned to the LA for allocation to another pupil.

Can it be personalised?

Yes – school tie, name etc can be used to make it more personal.

Why does it not show the pupil?

Purposely as gives the pupil ownership without the pressure of having a camera upon them.

How can I get an AV1 Bot in my school?

Contact your Staffordshire County Council Education Welfare Worker officer or SEND Keyworker, they can talk you through making an application to the Alternative Provision Panel meeting.  Allocated via the Section 19 act SCC responsibility.  

Schools may also purchase their own AV1 Bot and can arrange this direct from Noisolation.  Schools can also rent on a monthly basis for a minimum of 3 months or make a purchase.

No Isolation contacts

If you are interested contact George Howe -

School ambassador, Sally Thornton -

Or Lesley Calverley at SCC

or Karl Hobson at SCC

or contact your SEND Keyworker, Education Welfare Worker or Education Inclusion Officer

Further information

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No Isolation
AV1 No Isolation Website
Last updated: 04 Dec 2020
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