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Adults Integrated Community Occupational Therapy Team (ICOTT)

NHS funded servicesStaffordshire County Council services

The service is an integrated health and social care community occupational therapy team providing community occupational therapy intervention for adults with long term physical disabilities, acute health needs and palliative patients

Who can use your service?

Health team criteria for acceptance

The service is for adults:

  • 18years+ (Unless a child is a Transition Case 16 years+)
  • Residing in the community within Staffordshire’s CCG boundaries
  • With a Primary Need of a Physical Disability
  • With an Acute Health Need

Social care team criteria for acceptance

The service is for adults:

  • 18 years plus. (Unless a child is a transition case then 16 years plus)
  • Residing in the community within Staffordshire County Council's boundaries
  • With a primary need of a physical disability
  • Long term physical disability needs

Who will we see?

Either a qualified occupational therapist or an occupational therapy assistant depending on the level of intervention required

Are there any costs?

There are no costs.

How do I refer?

Health Occupation Therapy

Referrals for an adult requesting a health occupational therapist would go via the GP to one of the local Single Points of Access.

South West Primary Care Occupational Therapy

Cannock and Rugeley:


South Staffordshire:

South East Primary Care Occupational Therapy

Lichfield and 

North Staffordshire Health Occupational Therapy

Referral to:

Social Care Occupational Therapy

A referral for social care occupational therapy would be accepted directly from the person, their relative, GP or any other professional involved in their care, referrals are accepted via Staffordshire Cares:

Phone: 0300 111 8010


The Community Occupational Therapy Referral South or North form can be used by professionals to refer.

What happens after referral?

Your referral will be clinically triaged and where appropriate, you will be contacted by a member of the appropriate team to arrange an appointment to visit you at home. 

What happens when I come to the service?

A physical functional occupational therapy assessment will be undertaken at your place of residence.

Depending on your needs, advice and guidance will be offered on how to address these.

What happens when I become an adult?

This service is for adults.

How do I find out more? 

General information and useful demonstrations of equipment for daily living can be accessed on the Staffordshire County Council web site.

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Last updated: 04 Jun 2020
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