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We aim to:

  • Support travel to education for those eligible for free or subsidised travel assistance.
  • Offer suggestions of alternatives for those who are not eligible and so need to make their own arrangements. 

Who can use the service?

There is a statutory entitlement to free travel assistance for some pupils below the age of 16. For post 16 students we may offer assistance upon payment of a contribution. Full details of travel assistance offered to those both under and over 16 can be found on our school and college travel webpage on our main website.

Each year we publish a transport statement which details what travel assistance is available for post 16 students. 

Please note: if you are not a Staffordshire resident you should contact the local authority for the area in which you live.

What if I am not eligible?

For those who are not eligible for travel assistance we can also offer concessionary bus passes which allow free travel for those with certain disabilities (and in some cases a companion can also travel for free).

In some circumstances we can also offer independent travel training to help students build their confidence and abilities as a pedestrian or using public transport.

We also offer advice, information and education around road safety with the aim of reducing road casualties. Bikeability is the national standard for cycle training. Training is provided free for pupils in circumstances where cycling is a suitable mode of travel and the child/young person is able to ride a bike already. SEN schools can apply for individuals to take part. 

Are there any costs?

For those who meet the eligibility criteria for post 16 travel assistance a contribution is required, with the amount being reduced for those in receipt of certain benefits. Full details of the cost and reduction offered can be found within the special educational needs school travel section of our main website.

There is no contribution required if you are under 16 and eligible.

How can I refer?

If the student who requires travel assistance is in the process of being assessed for, or is already in possession of an education, health and care plan, travel should be considered as part of that process. However, should you have any query please contact your SEND keyworker. SEN Keyworker Contacts

When travel assistance has been agreed, a letter will be sent to you detailing the arrangements. Please be aware it can take up to 20 working days after your SEND keyworker has confirmed your child’s eligibility (and payment received if required) for travel to be put in place.

For students who are already in receipt of travel assistance and should you have any query about the day to day operation of the transport, please contact the Special Educational Needs Travel Assistance team. 

Please email:   

Where can I find more information?

You can find further information about school transport,  Post 16 school and college transport, including the Post 16 Transport Statement, on our main Staffordshire website.

Transport for students with special educational needs

Under 16 and Post 16

The Local Authority has a duty to make arrangements for travel support up to the end of year 11 in particular specified cases. Once a student is beyond statutory school age at the end of Year 11, there is no automatic entitlement to free or subsidised travel. 

Further information can be found on our main website. 

Low income families - income assessment transport

More information on income assessed travel assistance can be found on the main Staffordshire website.

Who to contact

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SEN Transport Team
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